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The fat black chick Opra is throwing down the race card again even though Moocheile and Valerie Jarrett ran her fat ass out of the WH 2 years ago for "waddling" down the halls.Can you Imagine how that place must smell with all the high class black people an their high class colognes they use to mask the odor???As big as Chris Christy is and as nasty as Hillary looks they will have to call Orkin to have it fumigated.I have a question for Big Butt Opra.Why do you think the president is disrespected because he is black? How about his failed policies and trillions in debt he cause in the last 5 years, name one policy that he has backed that has worked and caused economic uplift for Americans and not hardships they have endured for the past 5 years.Is that because his skin is black or because he is ignorant.?Ignorance has no skin color nor race.
Is this the same race card you pulled Opra on the Swedish Department store host which showed your were an idiot then ??Please Opra if they do not respect Skin color then tell us how you achieved your prominence in society and how did he become President twice.Now smart big butt explain that , it was not because you both were black  was it???You should be a scholar you are so smart and he should be your Dean!Waddle Waddle...... You and Mr. Baldwin should take anger management classes together.
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Oprah, please are you a racist? But white people are!

    So my questions to Oprah is " Since you are Black ,exempts you from being a racist? But if you are white you have to die because they are racists?

  Because you hate white people you are not racist and black people that hate whites are not racist?

     That is the culture we live today, when you are Liberal/Progressive you can do or say anything and its correct , but if you are right leaning you are already labled a liar, Racist , Bigot, homophobe, sexist , obese and ignorant?

    Like the way the White house juggled the numbers on the employment to get it below 8% before the election, Didn't know nothing about that , or the heath care law he signed into law, changed parts to suit his Union friends, Fast and furious,  IRS stopping the GOP from bundling money for the 2012 elections, he didn't know nothing about it when there is video of him calling the IRS to do so.

Benghazi, didn't know anything about any of that, gave his money bundlers cash rewards of Billions of tax payer monies  after election ( Solendra, car companies etc) didn't know nothing about that ,

Still costing the tax payers in million to clean up after the companies went belly up and the Feds stepped in front of the stock holders to get their money first.

   His DOJ sued many states over Photo Id and Illegal alien laws.

 And when we say he is the sorriest president ever  you call us racists.?

   You Oprah are black, stupid and ignorant that was projected to your current platform by WHITE WOMEN people. You would have never made it to your stand with only the help of black people and never would your president , he made it because of ignorant WHITE PEOPLE voting for him with a promise of Santa Claus.

   When racism dies is will be when  people like you die and leave this world, You Oprah are a racist  you just cant see yourself.

 Like a drug addict you are in denial and its everyone else's fault. Use some of you money and get some help, I hear Dr. Phil is avaiable.

  Ron ... die-30803/ ... eople-die/
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This country is already in big trouble.  

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I believe Fox News Sunday would be better served if you employed a Liberal to replace Juan Williams that comes to your show that is armed with facts and empathy for the American people , other than one that repeats Liberal talking points put out by the White House.

    I am sure of  laziness on Mr. Williams part that it is easier to spew TPs than to have an original thoughts.

Yesterdays airing of  your show where Mr. Williams made the blurb "I am sure NONE of us on this panel will be affected by Obama care in loosing OUR insurance", brought to millions his air of haughtiness and "above the crowd" view that liberals posses.

   Shown also the bias afforded only to liberals minorities that can be spoken out loud on National News and not be reprimanded for it.

  Allow that to be said by a white conservative and Fox News would have had an apology within minutes.

Also Mr. Williams owes his high paid lively hood to those at Fox News that picked him up after his smack down on NPR for his brainless mouthing of Muslim prejudice , a view not shared by the left.

     Again, please replace him with an intelligent thinking Liberal that can be matched in opinions/comment with the rest of the panel.

I am very tried of hearing the TP rantings of these people and their laws that fit everyone but themselves.

For the millions of people that have lost their health care this mindset only incites the arrogance that this man and your show demonstrates against the less fortunate losers' as always by Washington politics.

    Ron Tollison


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This editorial written by retired Detroit PD Sgt  C. Newsome appeared recently in the
Detroit News:

As Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr’s bankruptcy filing
wends its way through the inevitable labyrinthine process in Detroit’s downtown
federal courthouse, and the pensions of the city’s some 8,000 retired police
officers and firefighters hang in the balance, uniformed services pensioners
find themselves both surprised and disappointed over the indifference of
political conservatives, usually fervent champions of public safety causes.

Where are our erstwhile friends, they ask, who have
wrung their hands over the years about exploding violent crime, abandoned
buildings, affirmative action entitlements, and other conservative causes?

Not only are conservatives conspicuously absent in
their support for finding ways to honor the pension guarantees given Detroit’s
police and fire retirees, many of them, including editorialists at conservative
media outlets and other bastions of conservatism, are now openly blaming
“greedy” public safety pensioners for the city’s financial ruin.

First, let’s set the record straight with a few

Unlike what detractors claim, most police and fire
pensioners’ annual benefits fall between $20,000 and $40,000, with the average
being about $30,000.

Detroit police officers and fire fighters are not part
of the Social Security system. After retirement, they are not eligible for
either regular Social Security payments or Medicare. The safety net of Social
Security and Medicare that exists for millions of working Americans does not
apply to Detroit’s police and fire pensioners. If their pensions are reduced or
eliminated, pensioners will face old age with virtually no alternative source of

It wasn’t until 2012 that a police or fire retiree was
actually granted a seat as a trustee of the police and fire pension system.
Incredibly, until that time, no retired member of the uniformed services was
empowered to help oversee a system which was set up solely to manage benefits
set aside for retirees.

While the region’s nominal conservative interests
merely paid lip-service, rank and file Detroit policemen and firemen, and their
unions, were at the forefront of the struggle to oppose affirmative action and
other corrosive public policies put in place by Detroit’s consistently
Democratic political leadership. This decades-long struggle for professionalism,
excellence and fairness was funded by union dues and private donations, with
virtually no support from Wall Street, Lansing or Washington, D.C.

While all of this was going on during the “forty years
of mismanagement” Detroit is now famously bashed for, dozens of Detroit’s
“finest” and “bravest” gave their lives to keep their fellow citizens safe.
Approximately 250 Detroit police officers and fire fighters have died in the
line of duty. That’s more than the entire active uniformed services complement
of such large Detroit suburbs as Livonia or Warren. When these men and women
gave their last full measure, it is doubtful that those whom they died saving
felt that their pay was too high or their retirement benefits too

Police and fire pensioners cannot help but have sense
of abandonment by the conservative establishment. They were there, in the
trenches, every day. They held the urban wolves of violence and destruction at
bay, sacrificing time with our families on holidays, their marriages, their
health, and even their lives so that their neighbors could go about their daily
business unmolested. They fought the good fight. John 15:13 says, “Greater love
has no man than this, that he lay down his life for his neighbor.”

There can be no question but that Detroit is in
terrible financial shape. Everyone involved — citizens, business owners, bond
holders, active employees, and pensioners alike — will be asked to make
sacrifices. So be it. What’s done is done and money doesn’t grow on trees.

But now, in the cops’ and firemens’ darkest hour,
where are the conservative supporters that used to rail about the very
indifference they now demonstrate themselves? How is it that cops and firemen
are, in the midst of a profound municipal fiscal crisis they had no hand in
creating, transformed instantly from heroes into villains? They never asked for
a handout. They worked their careers for wages that most private sector workers
performing services requiring equal capabilities and equal personal risk would
scoff at. They agreed to accept modest wages and horrific working conditions in
part because they were promised a decent pension and adequate health care
benefits into their old age.

In their moment of crisis, they hope against hope that
a path can be found, and that their erstwhile conservative friends in federal,
state and local government will stand forth and have the moral courage to say,
“Not on my watch!”

From The Detroit News: ... z2ob2QmbE8

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We Americans are so screwed by this Boy King and his minions.
The cover up of Fast and Furious was made possible by appointing Obama supporters to oversee the investigation.
Benghazi, was covered up the same way ,appointed Obama supporters to oversee the investigation.
Now today the IRS scandal to the investigation was appointed yet another Obama Supporter and bundler to investigate.
So the 2014 elections may see the same stymied results as 2012 in that the GOP is hand cuffed campaign support.
Also today the DOJ has placed in the 2nd seat a Lawyer that defended the racist cop killer , to inject more Racism into the DOJ.
I don't see any way to get rid of this virus that has attached itself to the downfall of America other than its dies or is bred out of our culture and with them passing legalized drug laws and people killing off their brain cells I don't see this ever happening.
Where is the old democratic policy in "The War On Drugs ", and "Just Say NO to Drugs".
I think it lost out with" lets just get high and pay taxes on our legal weed."
This guy and his people are nothing but liars , if they are breathing they are lying.
Jay Carney even projects his art of lying when you see the left side of his upper lip start up with the snarky grin when he is lying.
He needs to work on that, its a lying habit.
With all they have today to cover up , they are lying about how great Joe Biden is, as with Pelosi, you can look into those eyes and see NO brain activity.

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I didn't see the president's address but the observations of this British commentator don't surprise me: 
Mardell sees through the political business as usual rhetoric. Political speeches use a lot of words but tend to be as ambiguous as possible.
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In a nutshell , just like all his past speeches he said , " I don't know what is going on there, but I will find out and I will stop the infringement on the American people". In  his words he said, "I am the Commander in Chief , I don't know nothing , I didn't authorize it, Bush did it before me, I aint stopping nothing because I gave it my blessing"!    Same with Benghazi , same with the IRS, same with Fast and Furious, same with the companies he gave our money to for electric cars , solar panels , energy efficient windows and all went belly up with no accountability.    I see the news where after 1 year  the black FBI leader assigned an investigator to the IRS scandal, the investigator is a woman that makes less than 100K a year but she gave over $6750.00 to The Black POTUS in campaign funds, after less than a week of investigation she is closing the case and found no wrong doing, although she interviewed NOT one person scrutinized by the IRS nor one of their lawyers were interviewed.  Now on top of that the IRS is writing new rules that incorporate what they done to GOP and Tea party groups in the targeting to shut them down from tax exempt status to regular rules so they can continue to do the same scrutiny and not be held accountable.

Billy Graham was even targeted by the IRS. Yep, he bent the rules for a while but now they just change the rules. To tip the scales in the 2014 elections just like the 2012 but now  legal.    Also the black FBI leader has set new guide lines in how they look into terror suspects and investigations which will now use NO profiling of the suspects due to color, race or religion, well now unless you are Christian or Catholic , that does not change.  You still are required to provide birth control and condoms.    Ron ... stigation/ ... -Mid-Terms