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Tired Old Cop

September 15, 2013 in Featured, Poem, Posts by Nick Dial

An officer walks down a beaten road, the effects of crime have clearly shown.

Windows are busted and graffiti on walls, ghost towns now sit in once bustling strip malls.

As he turns the corner while walking his beat, he hears the pitter patter of young and old feet.

The Officer sees a dad with daughter in tow, he raises his hand to gesture hello.

A father and daughter walk by the old cop, the father looks with contempt and does not want to stop.

While passing the officer, the father decides to talk, which then begins chastising the tired old cop.

“You’re nothing but thugs with badges in blue, you’re all the same, I know others like you”.

The officer smiles, with wrinkles on his face, a tired old cop in a tired old place.

The officer has received such anger before, but decides to stop and endure some more.

While facing the father, with daughter in tow, the cop speaks softly, his years start to show.

“I can see that you’re angry, you appear to be mad, and to you everything I stand for, must truly be bad.”

“It’s easy to forget cops are individuals too, we all wear a badge that seems the same to you.”

“However, if you stop and listen to an old man’s side, you will see that I am honest and have nothing to hide.”

The father reacts with confusion, at such a reply, and then stops to listen to figure out why.

“I have seen good and evil, the years have flown by, and my face has been wrinkled by hardships of time.”

“I see you have a daughter, I have one too, and wear this gun on my hip to protect her and you.”

“This badge on my chest, I wear with pride, but we are all individuals and differ inside.”

“I know your hardships, and share in their pain, as a father myself, our fears are the same”

“You wish the best for your daughter, and I do too, that’s why I put my life on the line for her and you”

“When I put on this uniform, I do it with zeal, to combat the evil of men’s free will.”

“There are those who despise me, without hearing a word said, and would much rather see me lying here dead.”

“While some want to hate me for the uniform I wear, this is a cross I choose to bear.”

“Evil is real and unchecked roams free, unless good men stand up, to be its enemy”

“Many before me have laid down their life, only to be survived by children and wife.”

“They fought for an ideal so you could be safe, to walk down the street, anytime and any place”

“While there will always be bad along with the good, many have given their life, and remember them we should.”

“While we are not perfect and human for sure, we will risk our lives and continue to endure.”

“I hope you can forgive a tired old cop, but I had to inform you, a thug I am not.”

“I hope you can see, the relations that we share, and will stand firm with us in this cross that we bear.”

“Policing is a cause that’s not separate from you; it takes all of us together to make it through.”

“And while I may sit here, as survivor of the years, tomorrow another officer will be buried in tears.”

The father stood silent, with tears down his face, ashamed of his words, while his daughter embraced.

Jaded from the past he thought his anger would not stop, until the day he listened to that tired old cop.

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A friend sent me this msg this morning:

Sadly, earlier this September, a Michigan State Police officer was murdered by a felon who used a firearm; killing the veteran trooper. My brother, who serves as a police officer in a Michigan community, attended the funeral in uniform.  He relates the following incident...


"So a woman civilian approached me as I stood outside at a murdered trooper's funeral today and asked if the trooper's murder would finally result in some reasonable gun control laws.  I pointed out to her that the shooter was a convicted felon, so he was prohibited by state (and I think federal) laws from possessing a firearm of any type, let alone a handgun.  Second, that the shooter was convicted of an additional domestic violence crime, so by that he was prohibited by federal law from possessing a firearm.  I added that he was carrying a firearm in his vehicle illegally opposed to Michigan's concealed weapons statute.  I didn't get into the fact that murder is against the law.  My comments must have hit the mark since she quickly changed the subject.  As soon as I could, I turned around and walked away.  I should have asked her what laws she thinks would have made a difference, but I was in no mood to engage in further conversation with a moron."


Unfortunately, ignorance is probably the biggest threat to lawful ownership of firearms in our Nation today!!!!



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To add to a morons idea of gun control laws.
Today the shooter in Maryland Navy Yard is being reported on all channels including Fox as having "Automatic" weapons.
This is mis leading the morons (low information voters) .
It could be that he does in fact have Automatic Weapons, I don't know it is yet to be seen, but to us that know what weapons are these could be

"Semi " automatic of "Fully" automatic.
Both of which are legal to own by anyone that has passed the background checks and paid the BATF fees.
But the media either in their haste to report or in a biased way fail to say "semi or Fully " which leaves it in the minds of morons they should be banned.
I do know one thing being that it is Maryland the guy is probably a criminal and any gun he has would be illegal there.
But again , he is intent on killing people so laws against his weapon(s) of choice are not relevant. Murder also is against to law even in Maryland.
I think?
I have seen reporting in the past by news media that Automatic weapons were used and in the light of day the weapon turned out to be a pump Shotgun.
I have yet to see a muzzle loader reported as a Automatic weapon, maybe in the middle ages they were accepted as assault weapons???

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One thing you WON'T hear the POTUS say about the Navy yard shootings, isthat his son would look like Aaron.

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So news today is that the shooter did NOT have automatic weapons and there was no AR-15, He used his shotgun (legally purchased) and also a pistol taken from a downed officer.
News media again paying the gun control card.
Remember Sandy Hook, did anyone ever find out if the shooter there used an 1r-15 or several of his moms pistols?

Any one been interviewed on that or are they locked up with the Benghazi survivors?

Thursday is another Hearing on the Benghazi cover-up, new details about Hillary and the WH.
So as the shooting took place yesterday and while local schools were on lock down the President took the time for a speech on how to demonize all republicans and those who oppose his agenda, also stated how great the economy is and how he doesn't do Photo ops or try to promote his agenda by using props, then who were those people standing behind him yesterday????
Also we are going to fly the flags at 1/2 staff till Friday for the victims of the shooting being touted as the "worst in US history on a military base," really where is Ft. Hood on that list???
BUT White House though did NOT cancel the "Celebration of Latino Music " at the White House yesterday so I am glad the He and Moochile had a good time there too.
Nothing too good for our King.
All the liberals are beating the drum again for more gun control, I have a word for them "COLORADO" that should be fresh on their minds since it just happened last week and we got rid of the Liberals there for forcing more control.
Again , a "Gun Free Zone" a Military base where only the guards are allowed to have a weapon, but we are PC and more people are killed because ,again, the criminal does not live in a world of laws, only law biding people do.
The Liberals will never understand.

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Over 4 million people with Top Secret security clearance?
Why not just hand it to everyone? And include all those fresh over the border too. (You know who they'll vote for).

Do you know what ultimately prevented Osama Bin Laden's personal bodyguard, Ali Mohammed, from getting a US Top Secret security clearance?
It wasn't the fact that he was a card-carrying Al Qaeda member.
It wasn't the fact that he had been OBL's bodyguard.
It wasn't the fact that the Egyptian military had given him the boot because he was too radical for them.
It wasn't the fact that, as a US Army sergeant, he openly professed his terrorist Islamofascist sympathies either.

You want to know what stopped that nutcase from climbing up the ladder of criminal incompetence? Ready?

***** He hadn't paid his cable bill *****

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Ah, those "bad" cops again:
The cops amaze me.
Some days I honestly don’t know how they do it.
Like yesterday, at the Navy Yard.
We know about the bad guy, we know about his military record and his criminal record. And we know what he did.
But we don’t know much about how he came to stop doing what he was doing.
We don’t know much about how they took him down.
But what we do know is impressive.
Which gets back to the cops.
Yesterday morning about 8:20, the first 9-1-1 call came in of trouble in Building 197. Moments later, an alert was broadcast and officers began speeding toward the Navy Yard from across the District of Columbia.
Regular patrol officers.
Some from schools, some from speed-enforcement details, all from the first hour a new shift and a new week. Old, young, male, female, black, white. They just came. Primarily from the Metropolitan Police Department and the Federal Park Police.
Officers whose lives were going from zero to 60 in the blink of an eye. Officers who went from the sleepy good morning of a Monday dawn to the real-world battlefield of an active shooter.
They began to arrive almost immediately.
And quickly formed up into an assault team.
They didn’t wait for the SWAT team. They didn’t stand back and wait for the armored personnel carrier. They formed up and went in.
Specifically, seven minutes after the first call, an ad hoc team of park police and district police with AR-15s ran into the building in their patrol uniforms.
They ran to the sound of the gunfire.
They closed with the enemy, and engaged him, and killed him.
And by every account some 10 minutes after the first word of trouble had breathed across the police radio, regular patrol officers had killed the gunman and ended his assault.
He fought the law, and the law won.
It’s impossible to calculate how many lives that saved. It’s impossible to calculate how much expertise that took.
It’s impossible to grasp the mindset of readiness that must permeate the men and women of law enforcement. Without notice, the police can be thrown into life-and-death situations where every second and every decision counts.
And sometimes, like yesterday, they must operate in an environment that is heartbreaking and troubling. The responding officers at the Navy Yard ran past the dead and dying, their blood pooling where they lay, in order to press their attack against a monster.
And that was just yesterday.
Every day it is different, every call it is different. Sometimes they are comforting heartbroken children, other times they are knocking on the door to inform someone of the death of a relative. Sometimes they are spat upon, other times they are vomited upon. They are hated and loved, cursed and praised, sometimes on the same call.
They see the carnage of the highways, the sorrow of abused and neglected children, the collapse of a battered wife. They talk the despondent off bridges, they catch the drunk drivers, they try to mediate family and neighbor disputes.
And half the time they do it while being cussed by one group or another. Maybe it’s the neighborhood people. Maybe it’s the pastors. Maybe it’s an activist with a cell-phone video.
The politicians trash them, the residents trash them, the police brass trashes them. They’re ready to lay down their lives for strangers, but heaven help them if anybody thinks they were impolite to a citizen. Heaven help them if they disrespected somebody’s culture.
They fight crime all day, every day, and usually it is a pretty low-key affair. Until there’s a glint of sunlight or a stumbling drunk or a dispatch on the radio.
That’s when it’s Superman time.
That’s when the next 10 minutes of your life are going to be some of the most important in your life.
Like yesterday at the Navy Yard.
Across a big city, the routine of the morning worked its way out. Until there was a cry for help, and the sirens began to roar, and a crew of men and women from at least a couple of departments ran toward the danger.
And killed it.
Before he could kill anybody else.
The cops amaze me.

Read more: ... z2fDKX0Ov4

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I also stand in-awe of the brave performance of these first responders.Copper and I both did our time on the streets and we were among those who
ran toward the sound of the firing.  Still, when you see the police handle these
deadly situations with efficiency and dispatch, you always wonder if you would
have been as effective at the Navy Yard massacre or perhaps at Ft Hood, as
the individuals who did in fact take care of business at those scenes?  
All we can feel confident of, is that in the same situation, we would've headed
into the danger, like moths to the flame and done our best to eliminate the threat.
The cop haters of the world would be of little use in such situations.

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18 Sep 2013, 14:02 #30 ... in-Tuesday

I would add that in 2008, there was a rumor around Ft Campbell that the initiation to one of the local youth gangs
was to murder a soldier. When Spc Jessiah Jameson of B/2/506 IN was found dead in the Cumberland River in Dec.
2006, one of the theories was that he was thrown into the river by gang members. The exact circumstances of his
death have not been unravelled to this day. He had just come back to the states from a deployment in Iraq.