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Forum rules
Forum Rules I never really thought that these would need to be added, but after just [b]ONE [/b] day of massive flaming of people and double posting etc, I think it's time you members needed rules.

[u] [b]Some of the offenses listed are worse than others and the discipline given out is done so at the Founders', Leaders', and Administration's discretion [/b] [/u]
[color=blue]Failure to comply with these terms will result in warnings. [/color] [color=purple]Warnings lead to removal of posting rights. [/color] [color=orange]Posting right removal will lead to suspensions. [/color] [color=red]Suspensions will lead to ban. [/color] [b]

[b]1) [/b] [u] [b]Please post topics in the proper locations. [/b] [/u] [color=green]If you post something to the Join TL section, but your topic has nothing to do with joining TL, then it will be moved or removed without any warning. [/color]

[b]2) [/b] [b] [u]'Post padding' is prohibited. [/u] [/b] [color=green]Post padding means that you are posting numerous times simply to give you a higher number of posts on the forums. In the future, post padding will result in all of your posts being reduced to zero. [/color]

[b]3) [/b] [u] [b]Stay on topic! [/b] [/u] [color=green]If the topic is about an announcement for TL, or some sort of major discussion, and you start talking about something totally off topic, then your posts may be deleted. It's becoming frustrating to new guys who come to these forums looking for information, only to get more junk rather than worthy content. [/color]

[b]4) [/b] [u] [b]Remember to keep topics somewhat clear so we know what you're talking about. [/b] [/u] Which leads us to point 5.

[b]5) [/b] [u] [b]USE PUNCTUATION!!! [/b] [/u] [color=green]I hate reading someone's run-on sentence that should actually be 20 different sentences. If you don't use punctuation, then I'll either remove your post or modify it to make you look foolish. I don't really enjoy it, but if you persist then I may have to use it as my new hobbie. [/color]

[b]7) [/b] [u] [b]Do not kicking up dust. [/b] [/u] [color=green]This means that you reply to a post that has been dead for months. Any post that is over a month old is typically considered a dead post unless people are still actively posting to it. Because replying to posts will bump topics. So PLEASE do not reply to "dead" posts. Exception: PINNED posts may be replied to at any time, but only if they add something useful to the post. [b]BUT [/b] if the topic is worth brining up again, then do feel free to do so. [/color]

[b]8) [/b] [u] [b]There will be no flaming of other members. [/b] [/u]::adminmod [color=green]This means no dissing, swearing, threatening other members of these forums. Do so on your own free time in Xfire, AIM, MSN or whatever the heck you use. If you want to fight someone verbally, you can do so in the FIGHT CLUB section located under World Community. If there is any flaming of sorts in any other forum, action will be taken. [/color]

[b]If [/b] you have a problem with these rules, then please tell me so I can cry.

But this doesn't mean we can't have fun on the forums. PARTY IT UP, just be aware of how you party. (PARTY HARD)
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