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December 16th, 2011, 8:27 pm #1

Well...this hadn't really turned out to be one of Salim's best days of training. Even though he wasn't the best journeyman out of his peers, he liked to think that he was capable of a lot better than what transpired that day. Honestly, when he'd broke away from Haidar it was to help divide the guards into smaller groups so that they would both have a better chance to get the better of them. Perhaps Salim had too much faith in his abilities...well he probably did have too much faith in his abilities but that wasn't the point. The point was, Salim had made a mistake as he was escaping the guards and it got him hurt.

The young journeyman was lucky though. He'd ducked into a whore house and one of the women had been kind enough to help him. Which quite honestly gave him a much better picture of them than Haidar and Altair painted of them. After being so graciously helped by the woman at the brothel, Salim made his way through the bustling streets of Jerusalem. Usually Salim liked to mingle with the crowds and socialize with the civilians. Something that his mentor Haidar wasn't very fond of. While the older assassin would much rather prefer to take the roof tops and deal with the occasional guard than deal with all the hullabaloo of the streets. Salim on the other hand loved to be with people. He was a very social little assassin. However right as he limped through the crowd, he did not appreciate the hustle and bustle of the people of Jerusalem. His leg was starting to get numb from the pain. Salim was unable to dislodge the arrow that had struck him, so with each step he winced. His arm was doing no better either. Haidar was going to have his head.

It had taken him to almost night fall to get back to the bureau. Haidar must have been out looking for him...Salim groaned inwardly. Slipping into the closed off area where the bureau's ladder was. He paused a moment and leaned against the wall to catch his breath. Looking up at the ladder he glared and narrowed his eyes. Hm...he wondered if it would be less hassle to just sleep against the wall. Bah, he couldn't do that though. He needed to get some help from Malik, or even Haidar if he was there. So, sucking it up, Salim threw himself at the ladder and slowly...very slowly he climbed up the ladder. Who knew it would be so hard to climb a ladder with just one arm. Salim definitely had a better appreciation for Malik and all the things he could still do as great as he did back in the day.

With an unintentionally loud groan he pulled himself up over the roof. Rolling over and resting there a moment. Salim frowned and kept his arm close to his chest. It didn't really help with the pain but it made it easier for him to roll to his well...knees. Salim crawled over to the bureau entrance and first peeked his head over the edge. The young assassin's face quickly covered with dread. Was it so hard to put a ladder there for injured people to easily get down in. He grumbled and pouted. 'I guess it is a safety issue...', he soon gathered. Of course the bureau leaders wouldn't want stray guards wandering into their bureau. Salim composed and got himself ready for the fall. Telling himself that he needed to be a man and men didn't act like children just because of a little pain! He took a sharp breath in and swung his legs over the edge. Hesitating just for a moment before allowing himself to slip off the roof and into the assassain's bureau.

His leg hit the ground hard and pain shot all the way up his body. Salim yelped and crumpled to the floor. Groaning a bit. He relaxed on the courtyard floor. Not wanting to move and just letting the pain throb through his leg and arm. Salim hoped that Malik's keen sense of hearing was still as great as always, "M-Maaaallllliiiiik...." Cheek pressed against the cool stones he called for the bureau leader, hoping that he was even around.