I Refuse To Wait One More Second

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Being one of the best whores in Rome Annabelle was put with VIPs to sleep with them and if for the benefit of the assassins to gain some information from them. Person after person had entered the large mahogany doors of the brothel and none of her clients had entered; just random horny drunkards looking to have some fun, some had tried to get with her but were soon warded off by the owner since Annabelle was being saved for “special” clients. Compared to a normal day she was having quite a slow day with only one customer, a German nobleman. It had been just oral sex but he had been rough and left her breasts sore. Sighing she brushed her hair back as she thought on what she had learned from him in order to be able to tell the assassin who came to collect the Intel gathered from her. He had been visiting the city to meet up with some other very important people, it didn’t take a genius to figure out he meant Templars. He was to give them a blueprint for new weaponry from a German inventor. Unfortunately the man had not brought the plan with him so she had been unable to obtain it from him. Grabbing onto the hemline of her large flowing brightly coloured dress she pulled on it lightly, it was taking a while to accustom to their weird fashion and itchy make-up.

Brushing her hair back she sat on the back side of the dim lit room waiting for her contact. She had always wanted to go on a mission with the assassins, she wanted the action but they wouldn’t allow it. She needed to prove herself but how?