About Contracts/Missions

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Like in AC:BH, your character is allowed to go on contracts or missions, which upon completion, will give you extra PP and occasionally, a bonus item. Every month, new contracts will go up, available on a first come, first serve basis. Not every contract is the same, and some have requirements that you must complete with your character first, before you can sign up.

Unlike the game, contracts will not only be open to assassins, but also to templars as well. Join all under one affiliation, or compete against each other in the same contract in order to decide the outcome. You may have all assassins, or all templars, or battle it out with a mix of both. You decide.

As soon as the contracts/missions come up in the first week of the month, is when you may apply. To apply, just fill out the form provided below in order to reserve a spot for your character. Please choose the most appropriate character for the contract or mission. A player may only choose one character to join each mission, and up to two contracts per month, regardless of amount of characters. (Depending on the amount of interest, this rule may change.)

All contracts and missions will start on the second week of the month, and last until either it is completed, or until the last day of its month.

At the end, winners will be decided by an impartial judge (meaning any staff that are not currently involved in it), and the points and prizes will be given out to the participants.

What is the difference between a Contract and a Mission?

A contract is like “Mini-plots”, they are more plot oriented than just a regular thread, but they do not steer the main plot in any vital direction.
All participants will gain double the amount of PP from a Contract thread.

A Mission is directly influenced by the main plot, and the outcome determines partly where the plot is heading. The outcome of the plot is unclear, as this roleplay does not directly follow the storyline for either AC or AC:BH. Due to the malfunction in the Animus Network, the 12th century and the Renaissance era are directly connected. The wall dividing them is like a wormhole in time that allows one to jump from one era to the other. A screw up in the 12th century could have immediate negative or positive effects for Italy’s renaissance.
All participants will gain triple the amount of PP from a mission thread. Also, the winning prizes are significantly more substantial.

What is required of me to sign up for one?

In order to sign up for a contract/mission, you need to check that month's thread to see if there are any slots not taken. Then you need to see if there are any level or affiliation restrictions first and then pick the character that would work best.

Activity is also a must. In order to make sure that the thread is finished by the end of the month, if you cannot contribute at least one post every other day then you should not sign up for a contract/mission. It is not fair to others to have to wait for one person in order to continue. If a participant has not posted by the third day, they may be dropped depending on their importance to the thread, and the thread will continue.