Caste Levels & Advancement in Minus

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Gone are the days of players simply showing up, puttering around in roleplay and requesting a room leader to become a caste leader or the head of a caste!

The following is a list explaining the different levels within a caste that members of Minus may achieve. The list may change in future to include other levels unique to the different castes represented in the home. Please note at this time most everyone is considered a full member within their castes (Level I).

To progress to the next levels members are asked to start a thread in this section indicating their starting level and begin editing and updating that post to include scripts showing their progression in meeting the requirements to achieve the next level. Scripts dated before the post will not count retroactively toward reaching the next level.

**Exception: For current and long time members of castes 2 scripts for every year you have been a member of Minus may retroactively count toward level requirements. For example: Bob of the Caste of Lamplighters has been a member of Minus for 3 years, he could include a total of 6 older scripts towards moving from Level I to Level II. You must track down and include these scripts yourself though. Check the Town Archives or in your profile options go to "List Member's Topics".
Caste Levels
Start by officially petitioning to join/advance within a chosen caste in roleplay or on the forum.
Requirement for advancement:
- 10 roleplay scripts of learning/being mentored and applying learned knowledge. Or waiting 3rt months before advancing to full practicing member status with approval from the Administrator or an active member of the caste you are petitioning determining you have competently displayed knowledge of the caste you have chosen.
- Must pay 100 Roleplay Credits representing Caste entry fees (or bribes? >.>)
- Perform caste work at 1 Sardar Fair/or attend Caste Convention meeting with other members of your caste (PC or NPCs).
- Per the books female Physicians are required to have 2 children before being allowed to become full practicing members. They will not need to pay the 100 RP Credit fee since this is a rather large stipulation.
Level I: Journeyman
Reaching this level means you have completed your apprenticeship to become a full practicing member of your caste. A member may opt to remain at this level or advance to a higher level.
Requirement for advancement:
- 20 Roleplay Scripts showcasing your caste work.
- Attend 1 Caste Convention at the Sardar Fair (4+posts or more)
- Mentoring at least one apprentice (PC or NPC).
- 250 Roleplay Credits Earned (you keep them).
Level II: Mentor
Reaching this level means you are increasing you knowledge and skills considerably through continued learning and sharing of knowledge to help advance apprentices in your caste. A member may choose to remain at this level or advance to the next.
Requirement for advancement:
- 30 Roleplay Scripts showcasing your caste work.
- Organize and Host 1 Caste Convention at the Sardar Fair (4+ posts or more) [or] Host a teaching session in Minus involving members (NPCs or PCs) of your caste showcasing your teaching abilities.
- Continuing mentoring apprentices (PC or NPC).
- 500 Roleplay Credits earned (you keep them).
Level III: Expert
Reaching this level means you have become a long time and respected member of your caste within Minus and are acknowledged as being skilled and hard working. You may elect to keep mentoring new entrants or junior members of your caste or work toward handling the more administrative side of your caste.
Requirements for advancement:
- 40 Roleplay Scripts showcasing your caste work.
- 1000 Roleplay Credits (you keep the credits, you just have to reach 1000)
Level IV: Leader
Reaching this level means you are a leader within your caste who may be called upon to perform administrative duties such as reviewing and approving the apprenticeship petitions of new members entering or advancing within your caste. Please note this rank may be claimed by more than one person it is not a singular role.
Additional requirements for attaining this level:
- 50 Roleplay Scripts showcasing your caste work.
- Endorsement from the Administrator.
- 1500 Roleplay Credits (you keep them, you just need to reach this level)
- Compete in 1 Clash of the Castes.
About Caste Conventions:
While it may seem like a lot of work to solo play attending a Caste Convention let alone organize one, Caste Convention roleplay can consist of many encounters and situations involving our characters either as participants or observers. Conventions can be question and answer panels, or speeches and lectures. Or even just debates and arguments among caste members brought together from all across Gor. Essentially the conventions are an exchange of knowledge and by attending and describing one, or organizing one, it's a way for us to show caste pride, caste politics and inner workings, or further display our learned knowledge. Please do not be intimidated by them!