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Denied bread, salt and fire by Cimber - In Character Exile
  • Gestort has been banished by Cimber for the following reasons:
    - Attempting to collar female citizens of Minus and its guests without legal cause or proof of misconduct on the part of the women involved. Free Men did not enslave their fellow citizens without grievous cause and proof of misconduct which he failed to provide to the authorities. (as in no scripts)
    - Breaking the laws of Inlet of Green Cliffs shortly after Minus answered the disrespect leveled against it by Scagnar during Talem's pyre. His actions were in contradiction to the efforts of the warriors who defended the home and its honour.
    - Gestort and his typist are not allowed in the room ICly or OOCly.
Traitor's & Oath Breakers
  • Exavier Exeter has made himself unwelcomed for the following reasons:
    - Betraying his oath to Minus and working for the enemy in Ar. Since he lacked the courage to face Cimber he will be dealt with if he ever shows his face elsewhere. (He seems to pop up in Scagnar lately lying to its people about why he was declared a traitor here)
    - In the process of betraying his oath to the home he also abandoned his slave to the dangers of the siege, a slave which he had to personally petition Cimber to purchase. This has been taken as a personal slight.
    - History of questionable activities behind the scenes which eventually spilled into the room and required staff intervention.
    - Script of Exavier admitting working in Ar and running away. [Roleplayed in the Minus room after it was placed on the Personal Whochat, likely in an attempt to go unnoticed as he gathered his stuff which miraculously survived a siege, considered proof of his collaboration with the enemy.]
    - IF he should ever gather the courage to return to Minus he will be detained to face Cimber personally. He is not allowed OOCly in this room.
  • Oath Breakers There are other characters who have left Minus on bad terms (ex/. running during war time,leaving without any roleplay/notice and creating new chars etc, or running off after a disagreement to complain IC and OOCly about their treatment). These individuals are not welcomed back in Minus ICly or OOCly until meeting in face to face with Cimber. This is about remaining true to the books while also holding players to account for their roleplay actions.

Boot on Sight - OOC Bans:
These players are not welcome under any circumstances after grievous or repeated offenses.
  • All those on Imagine Chat site bans.
  • Enoch aka Cavan/Kato/Steven/Kithran/Cavan or any other name he goes by : [ Room Disruptions & Questionable Activities ]
  • Tuefal Hunden aka Baine, Puckett Lockhart, TyRen/Tahj or any other name he goes by :[ Room Disruptions/Misuse of Room NPCs & OOC Harassment. ]
  • Artaxes aka Carlos or any other name he goes by : [ Harassment & Questionable Activities. ]
  • Damocles aka Aegeus Iskinder, Arion of Asperiche, Ar'sen, Eirik the Deceiver, Kreios Thanos, Dregor of Ar, Booth the Pirate, Vane Anstis, Gebhuza, Az'rah : [ Repeated Failure to Adhere to Room Rules concerning Secondary Chars. ]
  • Abraxas of Tarnwald, Zander Sands aka Richard Vergildet/Nash Edelstein : [ Questionable activities & Harassment ]
  • Perle {Soryk} *Boot on Sight* - [ Questionable activities & constant room disruptions Last contact April 18, 2017/Booted. ]
  • Magne : [ Gaming & Room Disruptions ]
    Warned & Not welcome at this time:
  • Kalam August aka Hakim - Dualling
  • raven/deka (IC board name shy) - Dualling
  • Aneko aka Anon/Andigoe Serinneus/Artemys of Brundisium/Hero As'aid/Adagio Verdanthe//Elle of Cos/Ophelia/Amora and others. Dualling
  • Hayal {Erika} aka Phantom, Brie (PoD), soliel {Tenrik} (RPO) Dualling/Game Playing
  • Shahar/miya/Uhuru etc. - Dualling/Gaming

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Updated to include Kalam/Hakim's status.

All current bans apply to subrooms and the rooms Lower Districts of Ar & The Unbroken Stronghold.

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Sufficed to say after the events of the other night Magne is not welcomed in the room in any form. Dead, alive, zombie doesn't matter he's not wanted.

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June 9th, 2017, 1:29 am #4

The typist of Andigoe Serinneus aka Adagio Verdanthe/Hero Asa'id/Elle of Cos/Ophelia has not properly transitioned from one character to another, constituting dualing and questionable activities spanning two rooms. As a result, the Administrator has declared that she is not welcomed in Minus in any form at this time.