TRAA Press Release: New TRAA Partnership Helps the Environment and Families of Fallen Towers

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New TRAA Partnership Helps the Environment and Families of Fallen Towers

October 4, 2017 - Washington, DC - Icom North America, LLC and the Towing and Recovery Association of America, Inc. are pleased to announce that for all members of TRAA, a donation of $250 will be made to the ITRHFM Survivor Fund for each Icom Propane Autogas System purchased and utilized in a tow truck fleet in the United States of America or Canada.
The organizations believe this will have a positive impact for the families left behind from the tragedies of tow truck operators who lost their lives in the line of service to the industry and their communities.
Ronny Martinez, National Tow Sector Specialist for Icom: “As a ten year veteran of the towing and recovery industry I know of many tragedies that have and continue to occur on our nation’s roads caused by impaired, inattentive and distracted drivers and Icom wanted to be involved in increasing awareness that hopefully can prevent tragedies in the future and help the families of those tragedies. We are excited to be working close with the Towing and Recovery Association of America on this plan”.
Albert Venezio Chairman of Icom: “When Ronny alerted me about how prevalent this issue was and the impact of these tragedies on the families of these hard-working folks and about the Survivor Fund we put our heads together with TRAA and came up with this wonderful plan to help those families and increase awareness”.
The Icom Propane Autogas Systems emit virtually zero particulate matter (the terrible black stuff that comes out of the tail pipe of diesel and gasoline vehicles and can cause cancer and respiratory disease) as well as reduced CO, Nox, HC and Green House Gas Emissions that pollutes our environment and has negative impact on our health.  Using this solution tow operators, their customers, technicians, administrators and our communities can enjoy much better air quality. Propane is a domestic fuel source and the USA has plenty so no wars for oil. Further, the return on investment to the tow company is often less than one year and fuel cost savings are huge over the life of the truck. Finally, through the UPAS Group Icom can bring preferred propane pricing and fueling infrastructure to most any location in the USA or Canada.
TRAA has been the “The Voice of America’s Towing Industry” for over 35 years. Our mission is to serve the needs of the towing and recovery industry through legislation, education and communication. Working diligently with state associations and members we strive for professionalism and a fair and profitable industry. Our National Driver Certification Program® (NDCP) developed through a grant from the Federal Department of Transportation is recognized as the national standards for tow truck operators. TRAA is proud to have contributed to the safety of our industry through the certification of over 16,000 tow operators across the country.
If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Cynthia J. Martineau, Executive Director at 888.392.9300 or email at
700 12th St NW, Suite 700 • Washington, DC  20005
-Jeffrey Godwin