WELCOME!!! Please Introduce Yourself

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WELCOME!!! Please Introduce Yourself

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30 Apr 2007, 16:06 #1

Welcome! Please stop in and say "hi" and tell a little about yourself.
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The Admirable
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20 Aug 2008, 04:44 #2

Golly Feeks! This was a secret! I will stop by on occaission. You should tell others about your board!

See ya around.


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24 Aug 2008, 19:18 #3

LOL, well our little secret!!! Congrats! you are the first person to visit, lol.


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I found your post about the computer on the RPF and came to check out what was on the other end of the link. This is some amazing research!!!
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Captain Ramsey
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Nice site Feek.
Captain Ramsey - USS Reliant -B

Tiberius Kirk
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04 Oct 2008, 13:54 #6

I just discovered your site Feek. Nice place. I wish you great success with it.

It's interesting to me since I am a Graphic Designer and have been so for 16.

I am also a Classic Trek fan, and ONLY Classic Trek... no others!

My Trek interests are Props, Costumes, Art and Graphics. Not necessarily in that order.

Tiberius Kirk
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Tiberius Kirk


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28 Feb 2009, 01:28 #7

Greetings and Felicitations Feeks,

I recently found the RPF and followed your link here. Could it be that there is someone more geeked-out than me when it comes to the obsession with TOS
graphics? I think you'll find that I'll give you a run for your money. Ive always been fascinated with the TOS panels, and took a while to figure out
exactly how they were made, more than just a few random lights, but highly effective techniques for the day. I've built actual working panels (bridge) and
I can say that nothing beats watching them blink away. I've also made many flash versions of the panels and when bored can fire one up and just chill-out.
A great stress reliever!! Can't wait to discuss this mutual love
of TOS displays and compare notes on what I've discovered and share insites on construction (I designed an electronic circuit to faithfully replicate the
mechanical timers in the originals, although the panel I made many years ago did use a mechanical, albeit noisy,(and expensive) cam timer, just like the
originals). Kudos to your work on the computers and the Galileo too!
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25 Sep 2009, 19:55 #8

This is very nice. I would like to encourage you to pick up where you left off. This is great research!

Here is a version of the Communications panel from a work-in-progress. Perhaps we could join forces for a full bridge presentation...


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11 Oct 2009, 19:31 #9

Hello again, feek61.

Cool forum.



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10 Nov 2009, 17:45 #10

Hi All

Feek61, You have done a great job gathering the Graphic info!!