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Hi, my name is Jeff.  I'm a model and prop builder, and I just started building Trek props last year.  I finished a wall intercom replica, and I currently have a 4A Beta replica in the works.  All are powered by Arduino circuits which I design and program myself.  It's a fun hobby, and I can't wait to tackle some more projects I have in mind. 


I want to thank you for this terrific site.  The measurements I used for the wall intercom and 4A Beta came from this site.  I love looking at your work on the graphics and stations.  They are inspiring me and my future projects!

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Hi my name is Chris,

  I have been a fan since the days of the first airing in '66.  I found your site a while back (by accident) when I was in the process of reconstructing the Desilu Stage 31 in one of my 3D Graphics programs...  Its a work in progress and maybe someday before I expire I'll get it all done.  Needless to say, your graphics here are total and complete lifesavers!  I have worked for years getting everything in place and making all the details as accurately as possible.  Thanks for sharing everyone!!!  Someday (hopefully sooner than later I'll try to post some models for you as payment for your hard work).  

Best Regards
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