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Howdy, all!  I am a huge fan of TOS Trek, much moreso than any of the other "eras."  Mainly I think that is because it's most nostalgic for me.  I am known in the 3D social network of Second Life as CorpCosmic (or Corporal Cosmic)... There I began working on TOS and near slightly earlier era material, partly due to my love of TOS , but also due to the exciting prospects coming from the Axanar movie project.

I am currently working on an early/pre-TOS era style ship called the USS Tarkus - NCC-179.  I've bounced about with several styles of ship, but have settled on a sort of Daedalus retrofit - a ship that's been around far too long and overdue being mothballed.  I have the idea of creating consoles and tech for the ship that is inspired by "The Cage" style and Axanar.  Scale of course is an issue, along with some of the other limits involved in creating things in Second Life... but, it's fun, and I hope it will be enjoyed by all in a short time.

Ship work in progress (pardon the disks/platforms above, they're temporary):


A side fun hobby which makes some diehard Trek folks crazy... is that the USS Tarkus has developed a "KittyCrew"... as I was goofing about with Second Life pets that are very popular... and we ended up with these characters, left to right:  

           -  Leondard (Born the day Nimoy passed away, as an ongoing tribute)

           -  Skelton (I needed a "red uniform" member, and Skelton by pure chance
                was born "ruddy/red" and with a randomly assigned name of "Skelton",
                thus, he seemed meant to be "Red" Skelton

           -  Matzah (Born the day I began the ship idea and laid its first deck, 
                Matzah is as much a part of the ship as the ship is a part of her)


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Hello. I'm a graphic designer and have always loved the props, display screens, and control panels from TOS. This site is a fantastic resource — like a nutritious candy shop. Thanks for maintaining it.

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Glad you enjoy the site. I must say that I have been so busy that I have not updated much but I have a ton of material forth-coming; as soon as I find time to post it!! :)

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My name is Captain Spirk.

I'm a huge fan of Star Trek since I started watching it back in the 80's, that's when the Original Series aired in Australia.

Since then, I've seen every episode of every show, except the animated, which I'm trying to watch on Netflix now.

I run my own Star Trek related website at http://www.startreklibrary.com/

I'm enjoying this site, but I wish you would've kept the original button pages.

Live long and prosper. \\//_

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Found my way here from the RPF forum.  Very impressive and dedicated (dare I say obsessive?  But it's a hobby!) work!  I always liked the fact that the trek displays were showing real information, not like the massive rippling special effects panel on the Seaview!


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Welcome Paul!

Obsessive is certainly not to strong of a word for what I do, lol. It's all in fun however . . . . so don't judge me too harshly! ;)
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My first time posting to your board "Feek".
For the last few nights I've been perusing and reviewing your incredibly detailed analysis and work.
It looks to me like it is nearly impossible to recreate these sets without your diligent and detailed analysis.
Your thoroughness is incredibly helpful to any studying either Star Trek or the TV production techniques of the 1960's.
Like many TOS-era fans, I've dreamt of sitting on the bridge and of producing my own stories in the era.
I'm currently reviewing your display discussions in order to evaluate if it may be possible to sample colors from various photos in order to estimate the original paint color.

In reviewing the work done by other TOS-era fan productions, the stage lights and paint schemes create an interesting mix. Coupled with the cinematography techniques (i.e. lens filters and specific CCD and ISO settings), you can end up nuanced differences in the color of the walls, lights, etc.

I've been wanting to pick apart sick bay in great detail, like your work on the bridge set. Doing screen caps seems to be the way to do this. But, then the question becomes which production... TOS-R or TOS. I favor TOS-R due to the higher resolution. What do you think?

In looking through the existing site, I've noticed that the switches and the gels used on the displays have bolder colors than what seem to be conveyed via the 35 mm print and the transfers to digital. My guess is that subtle change in color is due to lighting on the sets, the absorbance of the surrounding black backgrounds on the displays, and the film dynamics. Do the posted graphics reflect the same Pantone color data for the original displays? In looking at the analysis on the display construction techniques, I noticed a few photos of the original artifacts sold through auction. Those photos included some backlit images from the front and back of the display. Did the STC set displays use the same gels that were used in the original series or did you print the transparencies with ink that was set to the same pantone data?

Your work is truly a remarkable contribution to the documentation of Star Trek's original series and production. Classic TV fans, fans of sci-fi, and fans of Star Trek owe you a tremendous debt of gratitude for your passionate analysis and care.

Congrats on the restoration of the original helm and navigation consoles. Thanks for restoring those artifacts so carefully and diligently!

Best wishes and LLAP!

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Welcome to tosgraphics.com!

I am glad you enjoy the site. Regarding the screen caps, I derive them directly from the Blu-Ray sets and the resolution on both the TOS and TOS-R versions are the same; only the special effects shots are different so it shouldn't matter (unless you are getting them online someplace, then there may be a difference).

You are very perceptive; the colors ARB much bolder than they appear on screen. The colors that I show here are close representations of the originals but so many factors can subtly change them (film stock, color correction, lighting, etc.) that any number of factors change change the appearance. I have built the displays using the same technique as the originals but for STC; I print them as duratrans because it is easier and cheaper (and looks about the same if you are a few inches away). Regarding the colors, when I was working on the helm restoration I was amazed at how different the colors appear in person.

Thank you for your kind words and I hope you continue to enjoy the site.


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I work mostly in the model train arena-- and there are modelers and there are modelers!  Some, like you, create museum-quality reproductions of reality in 1:160 scale.  Others, like me, use the 3-foot rule:  If you can't see the detail from 3 feet away, does it really exist?

Thank you for being one of those who do museum-quality work!

--Paul E Musselman

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Thank you for the kind words Paul and welcome to the site. Let me know if you have any questions.