TOS Helm & Navigation Console Restoration

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TOS Helm & Navigation Console Restoration

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As some of you know, I was asked (thanks to my good friend Adam Schneider) to re-create the missing pieces on the original Helm / Navigation console from TOS for the EMP Museums 50th Anniversary Exhibit.  Initially we proposed to do a very in-depth restoration similar to the scope being done to the Enterprise miniature.   Our goal was to restore the console to the “last day of filming” condition.  We had planned on repairing the damaged sections, repairing some of the structural issues and then restoring the finish where damaged while leaving most of the original finish intact.  Due to budget constraints however, we were only able to replace the missing components.  The console has NEVER been displayed properly.  During the Smithsonian display in the 1990’s it had parts added that were not close to the original configuration.  My goal was to make the replacement parts as accurate as I could make them which included the correct button colors, button heights, lighting intensity and lighting pattern.  For the most part I think we succeeded; I think it turned out great and I would like to thank everyone that help make it a reality which include Adam Schneider, Dave Arland, Mike Paugh, Scot Irwin, Carl Mazur, Lou Dalmaso, Vic Mignogna and John Roberts.  

Here are a few before and after photos.

Mike Paugh and I after we finished the installation of the components

The console lighting is comprised entirely of LED's so there will be no heat build-up.

NOTE:  I know some of the rockers switches in these photos are in backwards; they were corrected before the exhibit opened!!!  :)/>
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The pictures are Awesome Will

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The Smithsonian Channel has posted its program concerning this exhibit (and the big E):

They show the uncrating of the console and the reactions to its condition. Narration says that the exhibit opening is just "weeks" away. Weeks measured in dozens, no? LOL
No mention of the man who fixed it up, of course. The next time they show it, all the work has been done. No love for feek. :(

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An article about the restoration is on here: ... paceflight
More information can also be found at the bottom of the helm topic here: ... on-Station
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I just want to chime in here. I just registered and activated on this system to thank you for your incredible restoration work on the original consoles.
What a tremendous honor it must have been to receive that opportunity but what a tremendous joy it is for me (as a fan) to see your work.
I'm exceedingly impressed with the detail in the color tones and saturations in the various acrylics and resins.
I'd love to read more about how you sourced materials, where you found the switches, or if you had to recreate the various types of colorful buttons.
Congrats also on the fine engineering work to assemble the LED system and the digital controls. That's a significant project in and of itself!

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Hi Feek,
Would you confirm the dimensions of the astrogator disk?
As best as I can tell from the McMaster plans, it's about 2 feet in diameter.


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Beautiful Will, Your work is so awesome!