The Doomsha Dark Lord

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Navian Octavian stirs from his fitful night. He glances around the room and sees several Drow coming scurrying to his bed side from the corners where they stood, waiting for any commands. He waives them off as so to say "give me some space". The Drow have been faithful servants since his sejour in the Doomsha Castle began. Perhaps too much so. He is used to his solitude among parchment & his work table. Navian places his goggles atop his crooked nose & sits up. He adjusts himself so that his halfing feet hang over the side of the bed & removes his staff from its resting spot against the wall. With a quick waive of his wand - his clothes seem to freshen themselves up & his hair unflatten. He grimaces at his recollections from when he first came to this city. Navian's early days in Doomsha.

Navian arrived directly from the courts of Urik, cast out for his heinous acts against not only the city of Urik, but also the hamlet of Berrymuck. With the clothes on his back & some light coin that the Freelanders did not repossess upon his exilodome, he scurried around taking in the darkness, dampness, and earthiness of the city. Being underground, he had to enchant his goggles to assist with his vision, and over time - his eyes adjusted to its darkness so now when Navian now walks in the freelands, he requires his goggles to shield his sensitive eyes. Perhaps it was best that he arrived in Doomsha, because he always preferred the candle-lit ambiance of a conjuring tower or his private study. His skin already pale, hair crimson - this life suited him well. Stepping over the threshold of the Inn, he recalls meeting some of his first companions that he would develop lasting partnerships & alliances... 

"m-ma-master? Are you well?" Navian jolts from the reverie as he walks the halls of the Castle from the master suite and looks to his faithful servant.
"All is well, Barinid.. lost in my thoughts this morning" Navian let out monotonously, "On my way to the kitchens, please accompany me." Barinid Baenep was not accustom to the muted personality of Navian, having served several kings and queens previously that were not so hospitable... In fact, it was strange not hearing the shrieks and pains coming from the cell blocks from the far southern wing of the castle. The cells have remained empty for some time because of the reclusivity of the Dark Lord. He would spend hours by himself in front of the anvil & work tables. When he was not in the cellar, he was in the library or in the throne room.. reserved and collected. Where as previous tenants would be the opposite - they would be in the cellars & throne room entertaining. 

"Let us see what the cook has prepared this morning, Barinid." Navian lead the way with Barinid just a few paces behind. Two Elite guards marched ahead & two from behind, three meters respectively. Giving Navian & Barinid just enough room to walk casually. As Navian & Barinid approached the kitchens, the leading guards posted themselves in the entry way and the two in the rear followed the Dark Lord & servant into the small kitchen. 
"Good morning, my Lord" came the raspy, yet ethereal cadence of Krenaste. "What'll be your pleasure today? We have some beef stew cooking". Navian & Krenaste both knew that it was not beef. Beef being a scarcity in Blackfire Peaks, only gracing the table when raiders from Doomsha would go into the Freelands & take from the farms. Worg or Roth stew would be a better encapsulation. Having recently come to the employ of the Doomsha Castle, he stirred the pot while the Dark Lord looked at the contents. 
"Some tea, bread and fromage would be pleasant this morning." Navian stated after a short time staring into the simmering pot. "Barinid and I will take it in the seating area. Thank you." And with out another word or glance over the shoulder, the halfling turned his corpse & began walking with Barinid close at his heels. "Guards, please standfast outside the room". All four guards took a line position while Navian and Barinid walked into the seating area. 

"Take a seat Barinid, we've much to discuss." The two began going through a host of issues. Even after the fromage & bread had gone, Krenaste had entered several times and refreshed the tea pot & stoked the fires. After what seemed like hours all the while the two discussed, a stealthy rogue sneaked into the room, having easily opened the locks & passing through the narrow space provided by the guards, and avoiding detection - he came into the sitting area. He stuck to the shadows the best he could... Munsters appointment with Navian was not till later in the afternoon, but Munster knew no schedule, let alone would be told when and where to be. Munster prided himself on creating his own schedule. Munster's bag rattled perhaps a bit too much when he tried to crawl over a bench. Glittering chunks of rock are not conducive for stealth, especially in the quantity that Navian has requested.
Navians attention was suddenly drawn from Barinid and he holds up a hand which Barinid sees and immediately silences himself from the treasury report he was giving. Navian lowers his hand, adjusts his seat, and welcomes the unannounced guest "Welcome Munster, please come from the shadows as you are in trusted company. The rogue, frustrated at his misstep, chortles as he makes his physical presence known. The elite guards turn their heads realizing the new company and before they can move themselves Navian waives them off. "He is expected, only early" Navian calls out. Turning his attention back to Munster, Navian looks on the rogue... slightly disheveled, covered in soot, and looking worse-for-wear, he knows that the rogue has a few bags of precious gem stones needed for his activities this evening. 
"I appreciate your promptness, however - I was hoping to speak with you on another matter today. I actually wanted you both present" Navian turned his position to be comfortable, but his face was emotionless and carved with seriousness, "The Dragon has returned to Doomsha and I know that the Mischevious mage, Icaris will soon join us as well."
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