bush hog tail wheel fix

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bush hog tail wheel fix

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02 Jan 2012, 22:32 #1

The bearing in my tail wheel wore out and allowed the holes in the yoke to get ovaled out. So I had to remove the yoke and wheel and drill out the ovaled 5/8" axle holes in the yoke to 3/4" for the new 3/4" bolt bushings.

I cut 3/4 bolts down to the thickness of the yoke and drilled 11.75MM axle holes down the middle of them.

The original axle bolt was 5/8 but the new tail wheel busing kit from JD has the 11.72? MM bolt.... the closet drill I cold find was the 11.75MM from MSC.

I had to buy two of the new John Deere kit axle bolts and weld them together because the 3/4" bolt heads added length.

I have a few of the washer cut outs on the shelf, lucky for me the center hole fit the yoke's shaft perfectly so I welded it on.

The job took up and down slop out of the yoke and now the tail wheel turns as soon as the tractor moves in any direction, before it would stick even though I greased the shaft and take a plug out of the field before following.

http://s1104.photobucket.com/albums/h32 ... eel%20fix/
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