What Tom Hanks movie have you not seen?

To talk about his other movies and his career in general
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sammers @ Mar 5 2010, 03:43 PM wrote:  Trying not to watch them all at once.. don't want to run out..

:lol: You're right. Take your time, enjoy every bit of them.
But you'll see : once you've seen them all, you'll just start all over again. :P
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You'll love A&D!! Has more of a kick than DVC. :lol:

Still haven't seen Punchline...

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I found by chance Punchline DVD in a department store 3 years ago. At that moment I couldn´t believe my luck because it´s a movie very difficult to find. But it´s worth to see because Tom´s performance is gorgeous. In fact, I remember have reading an interview in which Tom said that he would have prefered an oscar nomination for Punchline instead of Big´s nomination. The most memorable scene is that one where Tom is dancing with an umbrella while it´s raining a lot, in the middle of the street, after being rejected by the woman with whom he loves.

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Haven't seen PARKLAND ... naturally since it hasn't been released yet.

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