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Military Veterans

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Mr. Hanks, I'm an old 67 year old Vietnam Veteran that truly admire what you and Steven Spielberg had done in honoring military vets. I only wish that local, state and especially the FEDERAL government placed more importance in they way they treat men and women that make sacrifices in service to Our Nation. It's becoming more apparent as we get older and realize that we veterans are strictly PAWNS it a political agenda and its a disgrace to all that have served and serve today. World War II is the only justifiable conflict in the history that I can understand. Our military was attacked and the nation responded in a just way. Our country never real acknowledged the veterans that died, other than the ticker tape parades. Once they returned, many things went back to normal, not all but some. Our nation still remained racially divided, even though the blood that was shed knew no difference. I applaud you and Mr. Spielberg for your push to have these veterans remembered.

In today's nation some things have improved yet we as Americans have lost respect for one another and they are not the values that will keep this nation strong. It's an embarrassment to see the politics and the corruption in it.

I will get to the main issue and sorry for the soap box chatter. Many Veterans are being denied passports by the State Department strictly based on people born at home and delivered by midwifes. The government will not accept a certified birth certificate and the embarrassing part they will not accept a Veteran's DD214 as proof of citizenship. After one serves the nation and puts everything on the line, we are denied. We are something to use and discard, guess that's what's considered "collateral damage", guess a $10,000 death policy is all we were worth in Vietnam!!!
In addition to passport denials, the most troublesome part is the DEPORTATION of Veterans that served America when called or volunteered. I could not believe it when I ran across this by accident while researching for my passport denial. I thought both issues were something from a bad dream, about a Dictatorship, maybe the Gestapo from an old movie wasn't a dream, instead it has become a nightmare. If you or Mr. Spielberg can help us Veterans, please do. We are being divided as a nation where the elite government is not helping us, rather it's destroying us. It's not difficult to understand why these young Veterans are committing suicide...experience with the V.A. Medical System is another story. Again, if you can get this out, we Veterans would greatly appreciate it.

Joe Rocha