Dvd & Blu-ray Release

Character : Robert langdon
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14 Nov 2009, 18:18 #11

I went to germany today and they had the DVD version... with bonus features. They also had the 2 DVDs box with a 24-pages booklet. There's no French but I just need English so I bought it. :P

And OMG !! I saw myself in the bonus features... :blink: Denise, you're on it as well. :P
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15 Nov 2009, 18:54 #12

:sbav1: Here's my A&D collection *___*
Limited edition with bookends, the extended version for PSP, one of the t-shirts I got at the movie premiere, and in the background the 2 metres large poster of Tommy... <3 ( I have the bluray version too but it'as not in this pic)


[quote]And OMG !! I saw myself in the bonus features... :blink:   Denise, you're on it as well.  :P [/quote]

Yeah I saw myself too!! :lol:

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16 Nov 2009, 05:45 #13

Oh cool!

Your really on the DVD's? Is it just a quick scan of the crowd or are you really shown?
I'll look out for that.

When is it gonna come out on DVD in the U.S.? The 24th of November, right?
I've been waiting patiently long enough. lol

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02 Jun 2010, 21:11 #14

That pool scene does not beat Tom's appearance in Turner and Hooch when he's standing on the back porch in his undies. :) And then climbing in through the window because the door was locked on him. Ha ha :)