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Voting: September 2018 Speaker Special Election

The Voting Booth
Proverbial Bad Penny
Proverbial Bad Penny
The Voting Booth
Proverbial Bad Penny
Proverbial Bad Penny
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September 8th, 2018, 8:04 am #1

Voting: September 2018 Speaker Special Election
Voting is now open in this General Election. Voting will be from 08/09/2018 @ 8:00 am (UTC) to 13/09/2018 @ 8:00 am (UTC), and ballots submitted outside that time are invalid.

Everyone who is a Citizen at the time voting opens is eligible to vote. Loss of Citizenship before the close of voting also results in loss of eligibility to vote.

Public Voters must use the following voting form:

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[b]Speaker:[/b] < Wonderess | Abstain >
[b]Would you like to reopen nominations?[/b] < Yes | No >
Voters may submit their ballots either publicly by a post in this thread, or through personal message to The Voting Booth with a random ballot ID number, using the below form. The ballot ID number will be posted together with your vote but with no reference to your identity so that you can verify that we posted your vote and any votes otherwise identical to yours, separately.

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[b]Ballot ID number:[/b] #

[b]Speaker:[/b] < Wonderess | Abstain >
[b]Would you like to reopen nominations?[/b] < Yes | No >
Ballots not submitted according to these guidelines are invalid. Ambiguous votes are invalid.

Election Commissioners are required by law to announce private votes in the voting thread, including the candidate(s) the vote was cast for, promptly after those votes are cast. To allow voters to verify their vote is individually counted, the Election Commission will also be including the ballot ID number. For this reason, voters are discouraged from announcing, as was custom, that they have voted privately, as the subsequent public declaration by the Election Commissioners can potentially reveal how they voted.

Please do not post anything other than your ballot in this thread. If you have any questions please send them directly to The Voting Booth or start a new thread. Additional and unnecessary comments will be removed.

Election Commissioners:  Malphe and Brendog
The Voting Booth
Vote Early, Vote Often!

Sleep-deprived Member
Sleep-deprived Member
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September 8th, 2018, 8:11 am #2

Speaker: Wonderess
Would you like to reopen nominations? Yes
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Deputy Speaker: February 2017 - July 2017
Deputy Minister of WA Affairs: June 2017 - July 2017
Speaker of the Regional Assembly: July 2017 - November 2017
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs: November 2017 - Present
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Active Member
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September 8th, 2018, 8:13 am #3

Speaker: < Wonderess >

Would you like to reopen nominations? < No >
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TNP Lennarts RP of the Year, 2017: Over the Hills and Back

Proverbial Bad Penny
Proverbial Bad Penny
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September 8th, 2018, 8:35 am #4

Speaker: Wonderess 
Would you like to reopen nominations? Yes
The Rebellious Revenants of Pallaith
Former capital district of the nation Ghostopolis
Vice Delegate of The North Pacific
Represented by Ambassador Malcolm Specter on the international stage

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Minister of World Assembly Affairs (x2)
Deputy Minister of Home Affairs

Lord Lore
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Full Member
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September 8th, 2018, 8:50 am #5

Speaker:  Abstain 
Would you like to reopen nominations? Yes
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  • WAD of [region]Warzone Africa[/region]
  • MoFA for [region]Versutian Federation[/region]/[region]The Versutian Federation[/region]
  • General for [region]Versutian Federation[/region] Military
  • Founder Council of [region]Audax[/region] (x2)
  • Cartographer of [region]Audax[/region]
  • MoFA for the MSU (NS Forum Alliance)
  • MoJ for Nevthronia (Now defunct region)
  • Former Citizen of [region]Taijitu[/region]
  • Former Citizen of [region]Lazarus[/region]
  • Former RP Moderator for [region]Lazarus[/region]
  • Former Citizen of [region]The Rejected Realm[/region]
  • Ambassador from The North Pacific to The Realm of [region]Albion[/region]
  • Co-Cartographer for [region]Zero Beta[/region]
  • Councilor of the Zero World Council (Zero Beta Alliance)
  • Voice of the Freeholders of [region]Kingdom of Alexandria[/region]
  • Freeholder/Gentry of [region]Kingdom of Alexandria[/region]
  • Stats Mod for [region]Greater Ixnay[/region]
  • Battlemage for [region]Kingdom of Alexandria[/region]
  • Roleplay Mod for [region]The North Pacific[/region]
  • Assistant Cartographer for [region]The North Pacific[/region]
  • Ambassador from VF to [region]Democratic Socialist Assembly[/region] & [region]Capitalist Paradise[/region]
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  • Associate Justice for [region]The North Pacific[/region]
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  • Capitalist Paradise
  • Democratic Socialist Assembly
  • Lazarus
  • Taijitu
  • Tyran
  • Greater Ixnay
  • The Independent Order
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  • Anhur - Former MoFA of Versutian Federation, Former WA Nation, Former Councillor of Audux
  • Rapallo - Former WA Nation, RP Nation, Former Delegate of Zero Beta & Warzone Africa
  • Imperial Sobek
  • Versutia - Founder of TVF
  • Andulus - Former TNP Culture Minister
  • Anhur Light
  • A Random Anhurian Diplomatic Post - (Defunct)
  • A VF Embassy - (Defunct)
  • Anhurian Colonial Realm
  • France's Francis the First of France - TNP Citizenry Nation, WA Nation, TNP Associate Justice
  • The One That Lived
  • Ertolia
  • Belis
  • The Giving Tree - Former Freeholder of the Kingdom of Alexandria, Former Alexandrian Battlemage

Proverbial Bad Penny
Proverbial Bad Penny
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September 8th, 2018, 10:34 am #6

Speaker: < Wonderess > 
Would you like to reopen nominations? < Yes >

The Book of Flemingovia wrote:[3] And the people said ?no shit, Sherlock. It?s Blue Wolf. That?s what he DOES!?

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Member of the Communications Ministry January 3, 2018 - Present

The North Pacific Ambassador to Balder April 4, 2018 - Present

The North Pacific Ambassador to The Versutian Federation August 22, 2018 - Present

World Assembly Legislative League Staff member May 6, 2018 - Present

Home Affairs Recruiter May 12, 2018 - Present

Member of The Cultre Ministry May 14, 2018 - Present

Lieutenant in The North Pacific Army January 11, 2018 - Present

Member of The Speaker of The Regional Assembly's Team under ABC May 13, 2018 - Present
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Worship me. I R SPAMMER.
Worship me. I R SPAMMER.
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September 8th, 2018, 11:47 am #7

Speaker: < Wonderess > 
Would you like to reopen nominations? < Yes >
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September 8th, 2018, 6:31 pm #8

Speaker:  Abstain 

Would you like to reopen nominations? Yes
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