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  • Minister of Culture for [region]The North Pacific[/region]
  • Deputy Minister of Culture for [region]The North Pacific[/region]
  • Minister of Entertainment for [region]The North Pacific[/region]
  • WAD of [region]Zero Beta[/region]
  • WAD of [region]Warzone Africa[/region]
  • MoFA for [region]Versutian Federation[/region]/[region]The Versutian Federation[/region]
  • General for [region]Versutian Federation[/region] Military
  • Founder Council of [region]Audax[/region] (x2)
  • Cartographer of [region]Audax[/region]
  • MoFA for the MSU (NS Forum Alliance)
  • MoJ for Nevthronia (Now defunct region)
  • Former Citizen of [region]Taijitu[/region]
  • Former Citizen of [region]Lazarus[/region]
  • Former RP Moderator for [region]Lazarus[/region]
  • Former Citizen of [region]The Rejected Realm[/region]
  • Ambassador from The North Pacific to The Realm of [region]Albion[/region]
  • Co-Cartographer for [region]Zero Beta[/region]
  • Councilor of the Zero World Council (Zero Beta Alliance)
  • Voice of the Freeholders of [region]Kingdom of Alexandria[/region]
  • Freeholder/Gentry of [region]Kingdom of Alexandria[/region]
  • Stats Mod for [region]Greater Ixnay[/region]
  • Battlemage for [region]Kingdom of Alexandria[/region]
  • Roleplay Mod for [region]The North Pacific[/region]
  • Assistant Cartographer for [region]The North Pacific[/region]
  • Ambassador from VF to [region]Democratic Socialist Assembly[/region] & [region]Capitalist Paradise[/region]
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  • Co-Founder of [region]The Versutian Federation[/region]
  • Citizen of [region]The North Pacific[/region]
  • Lead Cartographer for [region]The North Pacific[/region]
  • Associate Justice for [region]The North Pacific[/region]
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  • Current
  • The North Pacific
  • The Versutian Federation
  • Former Regions
  • Nevthronia
  • Gay
  • Kingdom of Alexandria
  • 10000 Islands
  • Versutian Federation
  • The Rejected Realm
  • Tanabiku Galaxy
  • The East Pacific
  • Zero Beta
  • Warzone Africa
  • Audax
  • Nocturnalya
  • The Appartment Block
  • The Local Cluster
  • Capitalist Paradise
  • Democratic Socialist Assembly
  • Lazarus
  • Taijitu
  • Tyran
  • Greater Ixnay
  • The Independent Order
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  • Anhur - Former MoFA of Versutian Federation, Former WA Nation, Former Councillor of Audux
  • Rapallo - Former WA Nation, RP Nation, Former Delegate of Zero Beta & Warzone Africa
  • Imperial Sobek
  • Versutia - Founder of TVF
  • Andulus - Former TNP Culture Minister
  • Anhur Light
  • A Random Anhurian Diplomatic Post - (Defunct)
  • A VF Embassy - (Defunct)
  • Anhurian Colonial Realm
  • France's Francis the First of France - TNP Citizenry Nation, WA Nation, TNP Associate Justice
  • The One That Lived
  • Ertolia
  • Belis
  • The Giving Tree - Former Freeholder of the Kingdom of Alexandria, Former Alexandrian Battlemage