2018 TNP Survey Results!

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2018 TNP Survey Results!
The survey I telegrammed to TNP a few weeks ago- delivered to 9,764 nations- has run it's course and I'll be publishing the results now. 1,679 nations (17.20% of nations that received the telegram) read the telegram and 210 of those nations completed the survey, adding up to about 12.5% of readers taking the survey, about 2.15% of nations in TNP having received the telegram taking the survey and about 2.06% of the full population of TNP at the time taking the survey. Signatory of a huge region when 2.06% of the population is more than many regions' entire population.

The results of the survey are below, underneath a spoiler.
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And also the comments.
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No (3)

no (3)

Nope (3)

I'm honestly pretty new to all of this, so I don't think my input should be taken seriously. Sorry!

No. Except this one, but this one isn't relevant. It's just a comment.

Only started playing today, looks like I was automatically part of TNP? Not really looked into regions too much yet if I'm honest.

I just joined this awesome community so there's so much I still need to learn.

I think the questions are too closed. For example, the question, Did you previously know about the northern lights?", gives only the choice of, I read every one, I don't read any or I have no idea what they are.
I think there should be more options, not with this question but with a few others, to more accurately represent the participant's views. If by any chance, you wish to ask me more, just telegram me.

I have overheard some conversation on these topics over on the NP discord but i haven't gotten involved enough to truly understand their use and or what they are

I can't become a citizen because somehow I have 2 accounts that I don't know about

Malphe is bad.

more details in the game algemeen!

Bring back Raven.

Great job. Keep Going!

I'm content doing my own thing and am not interested in participating with others.

I believe an additional option should be added on the first question, as it would apply to me better - "Yes, I have an account, and have not yet participated in it."

Not really. I am generally satisfied with my responses, but I can always go out and check out more of this lovely region.

Having a requirement to post at least once every 30 days in order to stay as a citizen is absurd and that's why I'm no longer a citizen

Fam I'm just doin this for myself I'm not really into the whole role playing with others right now - or doing anything else really.

I suppose I am rather isolationist. Perhaps in the future Yubari shall make it's mark.

I think we should be able to have more easy access to all the things The North Pacific offers.

I don't have time for things.

Are you able to ask other nations to regularly endorse my nation by telegrams


i endorsed everyone i was told to to become keeper of the north, yet i still am told i have not endorsed them

I am a former member of TNP. But I have still experienced the following above.

Within the last week I got a couple of telegrams asking if I wanted to join the North Pacific Army. I think a single clear telegram would've probably done better.

Also, in those kind of telegrams (join-this-ministry-stuff) new players are most likely to get overwhelmed by information and possibilities. I think in order to keep new players joining ministries, the telegrams should be clear, optimistic and contain good arguments.

Less of a reliance on these forums would be nice, especially for people who prefer to use the app rather than the online version.

Although I am in NPA, I'm not an active solider.

I can't remember correctly if i was in the home affairs and in the world assembly ministers, for the rest i've already said all in the last survey


Will this be shown to other people???




Ban all the Atheists and Liberals from the region plz


I am not a member nation of the North Pacific.

I am interested in becoming more involved in these grander scheme aspects, however, I do not want to put my nation at risk via some unknown rules about wars with other nations, zombie apocalypse, regulations that will effect my nation, etc. Is there a quick way to learn about serving and being involved that also helps me understand what my nation might be risking?

I would be more interested in the North Pacific NAVY!
BTW: I'm mainly just interested in resolving Issues, but I would like to have a POC to ask questions of from time to time. For example: I wrote an Issue a month or so ago, but never heard anything. Was it accepted? (Stuff like that...)

No Comments

I want a participed in this forum

Please provide a way to opt out of the regional TG spam.

How to endorse delegate?


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Malphe = George Soros confirmed - Gremblo
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Great info!

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This is very good to know. Thank you for publishing these!
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Beautiul job, Malphe.
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Ahahahah, there's my comment lol
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<Eumenor> I love the way getting a driving license and total war come in the same priority;-)

<Alunya (About the old motto "404 Error-Motto Not Founded")> That should read, "Error 405: End if Internet attained."

Because, really, once you've visited the Territorio di Nessuno, there is nothing else on the Internetz to see!!


<Avalon/Lennart> I love how a country called "nobody's land" is ruled by someone that nobody knew who he was.

<McMasterdonia> You just wanted to be featured in the special @Nessuno says hello to everyone post, didn't you?

<Syrixia> Your country makes my head hurt. :lol:

<McMasterdonia> Nessuno the nicest RMB nation!

<Aenglaland/Loh > You have just made my day

<Democatic Donkeys> Thank you, Nessie. You are truly too good for this place. :-)

<Aenglaland/Loh (Answering the post: "Also not really, i'm just Roleplaying as the Loch Ness Monster"> And a genuine one, only found in the clean, warm but mysterious waters of TNP, folks. Sir David Attenborough once described Nessie as a "gentle, friendly creature at most times, but when enraged it can but a Gyarados to shame"

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<Anonymous (message in a bottle)> You are an amazing person. Don't ever change <3

<Anonymous (message in a bottle)> I appreciate all of our playful banter on the RMB. You always make me smile and I look forward to all the adventures you and I have waiting for us in the future together! Thank you for helping to make me happy
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If there's one thing I learned from the results, HA needs to recruit for itself :lol:

But really, nice job Malphe!
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I stand by my premise that Malphe is bad.
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