HGUC 1/144 RX-80PR Pale Rider

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HGUC 1/144 RX-80PR Pale Rider

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HG 1/144th RX-80PR Pale Rider

This is one of those "surprise" kits that you don't expect to see. Released for the Missing Link video game, the Pale Rider kit doesn't cut any corners in design, but does need a bit of stickers or paint to make it look right.

If you don't know much about the Pale Rider, you should know that it has a similar gimmick to the Blue Destiny units that have a "Glowing Red" version when a certain bonkers system is activated. As such, the Pale Rider kit not only includes green camera parts, but also red parts for the "HADES System" activation. Unfortunately, the HADES does more than just turn the sensors red. The White vents turn Gold throughout the design, so you'd need to pick up two kits to make this whole thing look right for both modes. The white vents on the cheeks will need paint or stickers to look right, but the other colors are there.

There's good articulation coming from the center of the torso as well as double joints for the shoulders and neck. Again, more white details need to be added to the vents to make it look right. There's a gray rack on the back behind the backpack thrusters to hold the large cannon and, oddly, places to mount it on either the left or the right. This piece can also be omitted should you not want to have the "Heavy Equipment" on it.

Good articulation on the elbow joints adds to the great range these arms already have thanks to the double shoulder joint provided by the torso construction. They have arm-mounted canons and a spot to attach the spike shield, too. The hands are rather basic for a newer kit like this, though. Only an open fist for accessories is included (no trigger finger, closed fist, or open palms included).

The legs have a great range of motion on this kit and have double joints at the top, ankle, and knee. The leg thrusters have a good amount of detail and are colored properly. There are spots on the side boosters where you can attach Missile Pods included with this Heavy Equipment set. There's also side skirt armor that holds both beam sabers. There's also a spot in the middle where you can attach this kit to a stand.

This is the "Ground Heavy Equipment Type" of the Pale Rider, so there's a lot of options for weapons. There are two beam sabers (with translucent blades included), a Bullpup Machine Gun, Missile Pods on the legs, a Spike Shield, and a foldable cannon that swivels off the back. The cannon's folding mechanism doesn't actually fold. You essentially remove the barrel and re-attach it in either position. The rest is easy to use and help give this nimble Mobile Suit some heft.

The Pale Rider is a unique design that does harken back to the GM Command / GM Sniper II a bit but has way more detail and a larger assortment of options and weapons. In kit form, it looks great and has a lot of articulation for dramatic action poses. Just choose whichever version (Normal or HADES) you want to go with and stick with it. For the Straight Build fans, there's a lot of stickers to use to get it right and I'm not particularly fond of that, though I understand why they did it this way.

4 out of 5 Stars *****