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Dec 18 2015, 05:59 AM #1

Just a (not very) friendly reminder in case you missed it so far:
Spam posting is prohibited. This means that encouraging others to spam post is prohibited as well.

Depending on your offense, you will either be:
- (first time offenders) Warned (with your warning level increased)
- (first or second time offenders) Be put under probation
- (second or third time offenders) Suspended or banned.

Members on probation currently need a post count of 35 to re-access Yona downloads.

Yes this is possibly unfair. Unfortunately, I don't care. Spamming isn't allowed in most parts of the web, and we are not an exception to that rule. You don't need spam posts to hit the 20 (or 35) post count. It takes about an hour to post that many times, whereas a chapter of Yona takes triple that, if not longer just to clean OR typeset.

If you don't see any topics that interest you, create one that interests you. You can hit the posting requirement with all topics that YOU like. >:C.

So yeah, consider yourselves warned.