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Welcome to our group. I'm going to be a bit stricter in who we're looking for because I dislike having members that disappear after doing one chapter. So from now on, these are the conditions you have to meet. Please consider these seriously before applying.

First off, you do not get paid. EVER. (unless you're a raw provider and we've set up an agreement to reimburse you.)

Now that's out of the way, other conditions...
  • Proficient in English, so we can communicate.
  • You check your email daily (or visit the forum) unless there are exams, holidays etc, where you will notify me beforehand.
  • Have decent skills at the position you want to apply for.
  • Be a workaholic and not scared of the prospect of doing one project after another.
  • Have plenty of free time to fling around. (Scanlation takes up quite a lot of your time.)
  • If you plan to stick around for a very long time. I really don't feel like training people who only try for two to three chapters. It takes too much effort and time.
Those are the criterias you have to meet. Below are the ones that I'd prefer you to have.
  • Be honest, if you're only interested in one series, or don't like doing a project just tell me (with reason) and I will reassign you to something else.
  • And be honest in when you can actually hand the project in. Do not make deadlines you can't meet. If you say you can finish it within two weeks, I expect it in two weeks and not a month.
  • I'd prefer you to not be in any other group. Why? Because I pretty much have something else to assign you right after you finish the current task at hand. While we're not a speed scanlating group, I hate having our releases being too far apart. I'd hate it if you gave priority to some other group over ours so I don't think it would be fair either if you put our group over another group.
  • If you're too slow, you might notice that I stop assigning things to you at all.
  • People who know how to google. Some say no question is too stupid to ask, but when there's google, there is. I want our team to be able to take intiative and try look things up before asking me.
If I haven't scared you off... continue to the position specifications. Sorry to sound like Scrooge on Christmas day.

- Translators
- Proofreaders CLOSED
- Editors (Both Typesetters and Cleaners, this means you)

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