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Updated: Dec. 17, 2015
So yes, you can still play if we can get 10 people.

People signed up so far: None
Need 10 more people to start a game.

If you want to play, PM me, or respond below.


Rules: You're playing as a citizen of a town we shall dub "Titaniaville" for now. While most people in the town are "good", a couple people are secretly members of the Mafia and trying to kill off the other townspeople at night.

Jobs you can have:
- Mafia (3): All the mafia know who their other mafia buddies are. The group has the power to kill one person at night.
- Doctor (1): Since Titaniaville is a tiny, poor town with a population of 10, there is only one doctor at the moment. The doctor can attempt to save a person a night, but since they are tired and overworked, if they cannot guess correctly about who to save from the Mafia's evil clutches, the Mafia's victims will die.
- Sheriff (1): As the sheriff, you can investigate one person a night to see if they are secretly part of the mafia.
- Civilians (everyone else) (5): Sorry, you lucked out. While all this plotting is happening at night, you're clueless and sleeping through all this.
For some strange reason though, you do not know who the doctor and sheriff of the town are; what a strange town Titaniaville seems to be! (so don't post something like "I'm the cop! I know that Muwahaha12345 is the Mafia! Vote them off!!!")

During daytime:
- First round: All citizens (this includes the Mafia members) may try and accuse people of being part of the Mafia. If you're a member of the Mafia, don't confess; find a scapegoat.
Try and find some form of justification as to why you're accusing whoever you're accusing to make the game more interesting. (ex: I accuse MrIKNOW because I saw someone creeping away from his house to the victim's house at night)
- Second round: All the accused get to stand trial and defend themselves. (ex: That wasn't me! I swear! It must've been my lover sneaking away at night because I didn't step foot outside last night!)
- Third round: Everyone, including the accused, get to vote for one person to get... Umm... Get exiled. Yeah... We're totally just exiling them. XD
Whoever receives the most votes will successfully be exiled. If there's a tie, and everyone voted, no one will be exiled. You may abstain votes unless we need a tiebreaker.
For this game, when a person is exiled, their occupation will not be revealed.

During nighttime:
Everyone is supposed to sleep, but there seems to be a couple of people sneaking around. I wonder why...
Pretty much, this is the only time that the citizens of our fine town actually work for some odd reason. I don't know how Titaniaville is still even surviving with an economy/work ethic like this. I guess that explains our tiny population of 10?

How the winners are determined: If Titaniaville gets to a population where there are more members of the Mafia than citizens, the Mafia win. If all the Mafia are successfully voted off, the townspeople win.