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Well, I couldn't handle the wait for Yona/Hime with their cliffhangers, and just lurking continuously seemed a bit excessive, so I decided to try starting some forum games for people lurking just like I am as entertainment.

So, the list of games (that I could think of... or "borrowed" off of another forum somewhere out there):
1) Mafia
Quick explanation of the game: Pretty much, there are two teams: the mafia" and the "civilians". Your goal is to eliminate the members of the other team. While the mafia are fewer in number, they blend in with the civvies so while they know who each other are, the civvies cannot differentiate between their fellow civilians and mafia members... Usually. >:D
To play: PM me or reply on the mafia forum post. I'll start a round once we get enough people to play. (Let's say... 10 people? Is that too many people to ask?)

2) Kill Tom
Quick explanation: You try to keep Tom on the brink of death by saving him from the previous post and then placing him back into mortal danger.
To play: There's already an old forum post. It's just kind of dead. Go comment and try killing him off. (Wow, that sounds a bit messed up. Ahh well XD.)

3) Guess who?
Quick explanation: Guess who the picture is and where they're from. For now, the pictures are restricted to fictional characters. Once the picture is correctly identified, the person who guessed correctly will post a new picture.
To play: Go guess on the forum thread.

4) Chain questions
QE: Answer the question above you then ask a question for the person below you. Just a fun way to get to know each other...?
TP: Go post on the forum thread.

5) Riddle Me This?
QE: Umm... Guess the riddle. Winner gets to post a riddle. While looking on Google for riddles to post is okay, try not to cheat and get the answers off of there; this *is* purely for fun...
TP: Go post on the forum thread.

If you guys have any other ideas, make a thread, and i'll update this post as necessary?