Hi I guess

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Hi! Just your friendly neighbourhood noob, dropping in to post an introduction.

Introductions are somewhat hard to do when you can't post your name or age, so I guess I'll just babble about my interests for a bit:

I love reading, cats, swimming, and most crafts, including sewing and crochet. I'm currently learning Japanese and working on translating one of my favourite light novels for practice, and I'm certified in standard first aid as well as having the two prerequisite aqua safety courses required to take NLS (the final course to become a lifeguard).

Nice to meet you!
There's something incredibly eerie about being literally the only person online on a forum. Even worse when you're trying to find reasons to *post* on said forum, because you feel like you're going to somehow get in trouble for spamming despite the fact that you're always posting on topic, just alone.