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Hello everyone! Make sure you read THIS POST, which outlines some of the minor changes coming with our resurrection from the near-dead.

I very much want to turn this into a semi-sandbox site, where there is room for everyone's creativity. Have an idea for a new animal species? Have an idea for a new race? Have an idea for a plot? WE WANT TO HEAR IT! Obviously, the basic structure of the world is pretty established, but there is definitely room for embellishments of your own. IC drama is a blast - especially when it involves things other than romantic relationships.

The first mini-event will be a social night at the tavern. You can find the Tavern Night event board HERE. It's also accessible from the main page where it has a fancy teal box. The event will has a board as well as a main thread. You can RP in the main tread for large-group participation as a starting point, but are more than welcome to jump into one-on-one or small group threads within the board. Large groups often end up confusing or hop along slowly (or do the opposite and leave some people out), so individual threads are encouraged anywhere you want to make sure you can RP a certain conversation/situation with the depth it deserves.

Alsoooo...would anyone be interested in live RP via chat at any point? I'm open to adding a chat box/live chat just for RP purposes if there's interest.
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