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Ulysse Nardin bilder (varning: många och stora)
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Written by [url=mailto:juanirming@timezone.com]7an[/url] at 09 Jun 2007 01:28:13:
<!-- Anfang BeitragsText -->Jag postade det här annorstädes men tänkte att ni där hemma nog också skulle tycka om det.
Many companies publish images of their watches that look more like
airbrush art than photographs. UN has some spectacular images on their
Web site. Sometimes, it is nice to see what these watches look like in
real life in various lighting conditions and from various angles. It
can really make the watches come alive.
A short while ago, I approached UN about the possibility of getting
access to some of their watches for a few photo shoots. They were not
slow to respond! Before I knew it, a rose gold Maxi Marine Diver and a
stainless steel Blue Surf were in my hands. While my pictures do not do
these watches justice, it is my hope that they will help you appreciate
the quality and detailed work Ulysse Nardin puts into their creations.
A big thank you to Ulysse Nardin for making these
watches available to us!

The Maxi Marine Diver is very popular, so it
makes for a great kick off in what will hopefully become a semi-frequent
series of posts.

A beautiful bezel and crown, indeed:

Many UN watches have the serial number engraved on a plaque screwed to
the side of the case:

A wonderful guilloché rotor:

UN's superbly designed rubber strap clasp:

Solid gold strap inserts:

For those of you concerned about nighttime legibility, rest assured this
thing glows (very green)!

A limited edition variation on the Maxi Marine Diver theme, the Blue

The beautiful case plaque:

Ulysse Nardin and the color blue go hand in hand. Have a look at this
blued movement:

A rubber strap so solid yet supple, it amazes me:

The Blue Surf even glows in blue; truly a wonderful color in the dark:

And here they are together:

I hope you enjoyed these photos! I will now reluctantly return these
luxurious divers to one of the friendliest watch manufacturers I know.
Best regards,
/Juan and the Ulysse Nardin team <!-- Ende BeitragsseitenFuss -->
Tony Axelzon