Ännu en review,Submariner VS.............2006

Ännu en review,Submariner VS.............2006

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Ännu en review, Submariner VS.....................
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Written by [url=mailto:jocke@roleks.se]Jocke[/url] at 02 May 2006 19:46:05:
<!-- Anfang BeitragsText -->Tissot Star Seven and I believe this is the only fair watch
to do a Submariner review with. I have nothing against
Omega´s but the reviews posted here before don´t compare
2 real diver´s.
Here is the watches.

The Red Submariner ready to go 200 meters down.

The Tissot SeaStar Seven.

I don´t have figure it out how deep it can go with it,
but the backcase says Waterproof and Rolex with letters
at the backcase will go VERY deep so I suppose it´s
the same here. I believe Tissot don´t write the limit
at the backcase, because if you go down with a Tissot
the manufacturer don´t believe you will survive anyway.

The Submariner is made in a very strong Stainless Steel
and I believe no more words needs about that. The Tissot
watch have just some regular steel with some electroplated
gold at the top. Then it looks not so cheap as the Submariner
and you can use it as a dress watch too.
Here we have the watches side by side so we can compare the

The Submariner will win this part and it is very clumsy
with that high plastic crystal. But who cares, it´s a Rolex.

The Submariner have the classic Oyster bracelet with the
FlipLock clasp with a diver extension link inside.

The Tissot have the option gold plated hair remover bracelet
and this one shows no wear.

It have even the hidden diver clasp and this bracelet fits
wrists from 5,5-9,5" without needing resize so here Tissot wins.

If we open the watches up so will you found this inside the
Submariner, Cal 1570.

And if we open the Tissot we will find this one, it says 782-1
and I believe that is the caliber of the movement.

So after this I have some trouble to decide what diver I should
buy. I was hoping a review should help me out, but unfortunatey
not. I have to do some more research before my next purchase, it´s
hard with 2 nearly the same watch.
I hope you enjoy the review because I have made a lot of hours
work here.
Thanks for your time.
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