Här kommer en liten review.Yatchmaster VS Ingenieur....2006

Här kommer en liten review.Yatchmaster VS Ingenieur....2006

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Här kommer en liten review. Yachtmaster VS Ingenieur.....
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Written by [url=mailto:jocke@roleks.se]Jocke[/url] at 30 Apr 2006 20:08:33:
<!-- Anfang BeitragsText -->Gjorde den på dålig engelska så det får ni ha överseende med.
Ni kan ju alltid njuta av bilderna.
Here I will gives my views about this watches.
A Rolex Yachtmaster in SS and Platinum ref 16622

And a IWC

Ingenieur in SS ref IW322701

This watches cost nearly the same, it´s only a few
big green ones difference. Here we have them side by side.

The IWC is a little bigger in size and if I make some
measurement so will I get this:
Yachtmaster outside diameter of the bezel 40 mm, outside diameter
include the crown 45 mm, thickness 11,5 mm and weight 150 grams
with all links but with a Daytona clasp.
IWC. outside diameter of the bezel 40 mm,outside diameter include
the crown 46,5 mm, thickness 15 mm and weight 210 grams a few links
is missed from the bracelet and I don´t know how many.

The bezel is fixed at the Ingenieur and it´s really sharp.

At the Yachmaster is it rotable and made in Platinum.

The crown s a screwdown crown at the IWC and I suppose it´s
good for at least 120 meters as IWC have rated this watch.

The Yachtmaster have the TripLock crown, rated to at least
1220 meters but the Yachmaster is only rated to 100 meters.

IWC have always made great bracelets and this one have only
solid steel pieces with a outstanding finish, I let the pics
speak for themself.

Unfortunately so is there a problem to put a regular strap
on this watch. But IWC have a carbon strap to the Titanium
version who fits. I don´t know if there is a rubber strap too.

The Yachtmaster have a soild steel bracelet with polished
middlelinks. The orginal clasp is a stamped piece of metal
so I have change it out for a Daytona clasp.

The clasp is a nice piece too but it have been perfect
if there was a option to adjust it.

So you have to change links until it fits.

The Daytona clasp have a micro adjust link inside the clasp
and it works like this.

And there is 3 holes inside the clasp too you can do the
adjustment with.

The backside looks good at the IWC.

It´s not so fancy at the Rolex watch. Just a plastic sticker
with the reference number.

It´s not easy to capture this dial.

The same with the Yachmaster, the dial is made in Platinum.
Fat minute hand and a red second hand.

Date at 3 o´clock.

Same at the Yachtmaster but here you have a magnifyer too.

Nice 12 index and the dial reminds me about PacMan.

The Yachtmaster looks like this.

Inside the IWC can I unfortunately not show you because the
owner to the IWC was very clear to me when he handle me the
watch. He told me: You are not allowed to open it up. LOL
But it should looks like this inside. The beauty IWC Pellaton
cal 80110.

Inside the Yachmaster it looks like this, not so beauty but it will
serve you for many years.

Just a little lume shot, there are a little more Luminova at the Rolex watch.

I have only handle the IWC for a few hours so I will not say it´s
good or bad. I was just doing a little comparsion with the watches.
I hope you like it.
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