En liten IWC rewiev kanske..... 2006

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En liten IWC review kanske.....
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Written by Magnus K at 01 Jun 2006 19:05:25:
<!-- Anfang BeitragsText -->After owning this watch for almost two months now, I would like to write a little review.
Photos say more than words, and English is not my home language, but I’ll try my best.
This Fliegerchronograph have had this design since 1994, and was recently replaced by a new model. To me, this watch is very balanced and timeless in its design overall. A true classic! And yes, classic is its nickname .

The movement is an ETA 775X base chronograph with day and date display, a well-known and trusted workhorse produced since 1973. After some modifications and refinements by IWC, it’s called IWC cal. 7922.
Below are two well known chronographs side by side

The detail work on the case breathe quality all over.
Very nice work on how the domed sapphire glass is fitted into the bezel, and the bezel is mirror polished at the surface closest to the glass. The crown is easy to handle when winding and setting the time, and the chrono pushers are quite large and gives the watch a nice, sporty look. Not much to say about the dial and hands, the time is very easy to read. Luminova at the hour and minute hand, and at 3, 6, 9 and 12 index. Some might miss the glow at the figures.

My bracelet has the new design. It’s a bit thinner than the old one, except for two link rows.
Some might think this is “cheaper”, but the feel of quality and comfort is the same. This link design suits the watch very well and is, in my opinion, less busy than the old one.
IWC’s bracelets are known for their high quality and comfort, and this is no exception. Another great thing with IWC’s bracelets, is how all the links are fitted together with bolts and springs. Just press on the spring with the little tool that comes with the box, and you can easily remove or add how many links you like. Yet, this kind of quality costs, no exception here either.

Do I think this watch is perfect? Well close to it. The only thing I could wish for, is an IWC in-house movement (at the same price ). If I must point at something, it would be the automatic winding system and the movement’s isochronism.
Many modern movements need ca 650 rotor turns per day, and the rotor winds the mainspring in both directions. In this case, the rotor only wind in one direction, and it takes 800 turns per day to keep full power reserve. If I wear this watch for say six hours per day, the power reserve will be on the low side. I can tell by the fact that the watch gains time (10-12 sec. per day). I solve this by putting it in a winder when I’m not wearing the watch. Then it’s down to 2-4 sec. per day. Yet, this could also be solved by a more effective winding system or a better balance system.

Finally, my overall impression of this watch is that it’s a great timepiece with four important cornerstones: 1.Quality 2.Functionality 3.Comfort 4.Timeless beauty
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