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Wanting further info about our club or sport?


Pres Iain: 0449 086 961
VP Alex: 0438 587 729
Sec Peter: 0455 342 339

HG SSO Boris: 0407 564 422
HG SSO Hugo: 0417 346 648
PG SSO Ramon: 0419 652 693

Tas info Rob: 0418 146 137
NW Tas info Dave: 0447 911 561

You are welcome to make arrangements to come along to see some flying first hand.

Attention new and visiting pilots
Many of the best flying sites in Tasmania are THPA managed sites. They are on private property, or are on Crown land that the THPA is exclusively licensed to use and manage re PG/HG flying. Such sites are accessible to visitors in company with an experienced THPA pilot, who is familiar with the etiquette/rules of that site. That person may know of proven but unobvious hazards at that site.

*Please contact the THPA via the above means before making your way to any of our sites, and respect our advice/warnings.

*As per anywhere in Australia, all PG, HG, PPG, Trike pilots must by law be members of the HGFA before flying in Tasmania. Overseas visitors (with current qualifications) can buy short term HGFA Visiting Membership.

*See here re Visiting Pilot membership.

Learning to fly: Although there are keen, active PG/HG pilots in Tasmania, ranging from new starters to experienced competition pilots there are no instructors based in Tasmania, so one has to take a learn-to-fly course on the mainland. The training course alone is great fun and well worth it, even if you didn't pursue the sport once trained. All equipment used is first rate and its use is included in the course price. It is dangerous (and illegal) to attempt to fly paragliders or hang gliders, without having completed a training course and been issued a Pilot Certificate by the HGFA.
NB: Please check with one of our senior members before choosing a flight school, or buying any new/used gear (even if you are buying gear from a school). *Also, if you are an Australian resident, talk to us first if you are thinking of learning to fly in another country whilst on holidays, etc - there are some negatives to that idea.

PG or HG Tandem flights as a paying passenger can only be made with an HGFA instructor and therefore are not currently available in Tasmania.

The Tasmanian Hang Gliding & Paragliding Association (THPA) is affiliated with the Hang Gliding Federation of Australia (HGFA), the peak body managing the sport in Australia.
There is more info at their website.