Prosthetic Amalgams by Kenny A. Chaffin

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Prosthetic Amalgams, my latest collection is now available at Amazon. A few of the poems included were first posted here so I appreciate the comments and input received. You can take a look there but here's the backstory:

Spring is in the air in Denver, the grass is just beginning
to turn green and unfortunately that also means it's allergy season.  As
far as me I continue to chase the dream and for all things there is a season.
One of my first published pieces was a flash fiction story called 'Spinning'
some two and a half decades ago and though I have no particular explanation I
really didn't pursue the flash genre at that time. I have included it as the
final piece in my latest book - Prosthetic Amalgams.

Prosthetic Amalgams, what in the world is that you might
ask? Prosthetic is something that helps or allows one to do something. An
amalgam is a mixture of various substances. I chose those words to describe
this collection because it is a conglomerate of flash fiction, nonfiction,
prose poetry and more that includes topics across the board as well and
hopefully presented in such a way as to provide a prosthetic perspective to
thinking about these things.

Any writing is a collaboration between the reader and the
writer with each bringing their own backgrounds, information, knowledge and
biases to the act. My hope is that we create something wonderful together.

This new collection is a result of not only turning back to
revisit that long ago flash fiction story, but is a result of my own personal
journey that past two years which began with a serious study of creative
nonfiction which became an investigation of not only longer creative nonfiction
work but also transmorgified into a study of flash non-fiction, flash fiction
and prose poetry.

As I say in the introduction and on the Amazon page, much is
owed particularly to David Shumate, Nin Alexander, Russell Edson and many other
fine prose poets, but also very much so to Lydia Davis who I discovered in this
process and who opened my eyes to a whole new world of fiction writing. Also
mixed in is my new favorite short fiction author Stuart Dybek who writes
amazing poetry in the form of narrative fiction.

In this two-year investigation and study it became clear to
me that there is very little difference (though certainly some) between flash
fiction, flash nonfiction and prose poetry. I came across numerous published
pieces by poets and fiction writers that had been published under different
genre banners in identical form. Also in considering poetry and how it
typically does not distinguish between real and unreal my path was set,
particularly when I re-read Sherman Alexie's first book – The Business of
Fancydancing which includes all of these. Thus I give you Prosthetic Amalgams -
a conglomerate of flash, poetry, stories, myth and reality and leave it up to
the reader to distinguish which is which, which is real, which is unreal, which
is story, which is poetry.

Prosthetic Amalgams is available as a Kindle Ebook from
Amazon at:

You can 'look inside' for samples and the introduction. You
can also see additional samples on my Mansions of the Mind blog at:

I hope you enjoy it and we create beautiful Amalgams

Kenny A. Chaffin
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"Strive on with Awareness" - Siddhartha  Gautama

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To celebrate the release of Prosthetic Amalgams II I've dropped the price on this previous collection to 99 cents!


Please let me know what you think, post reviews etc. Thank you!
Kenny A. Chaffin
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"Strive on with Awareness" - Siddhartha  Gautama

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what a fabulous title!!!!