November 30--Still

Greta B
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02 Dec 2013, 10:31 #11

Chris -- Popshot Magazine is accepting submissions on the theme of "Journeys." Not sure what your plans are for this series, but thought of you.

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05 Dec 2013, 00:11 #12

Wonderful, Chris!
You've written a beautiful finishto thirty train poems.
" the landneeds to be noticed, to be thanked with
your eyes.  It needs to be thanked for beingthere just when you are, and you can’t send
an email or take the plane.  All the empty-
windowed towns, ringed in rusty tangles of
lost industry need your thanks.  They will
not let you go until you bless them"
It has been great to write with you this month.I have two more poems to write and post, so willtrudge on.
My best,Mar