Nov. 20: June 17, 1978

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With so many misses, based on irreconciably different personalities--no need to softsoap

the matter--there's a special satisfaction in
hard copy proof that once, when something

astounding unexpectedly changed the world
of music and imagination, all four of us were

there. Four sisters--having come to mindsets
or higher spirits of thought during the '60s,

'70s, '80s, and '90s--at that particular time
wanted exactly the same thing. We'd toured

the college. I saw a giraffe at the Pilgrim dude's
zoo. Maybe there was shopping, surely there

was food. But we crossed a creepy bridge
to the Italian part of town. And we watched

the flashing floor, the white suit, slick black hair,
as Travolta fevered his way to superstardom.