Nominations for Poems Posted in April

Moll Arundel
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April 16th, 2018, 6:52 pm #21

Jude's The Journey

We arrive late and in the rain and are forced to prowl slowly up and down dark streets, u-turning against one-ways, up one alley down another. She sits silently tense but I keep my chatter going, expressing each next move a few seconds in advance. Explaining, joking. I'm going to try a right turn again, but this time I'll be sure to turn left before the one-way starts. I turn right and she opens her phone for the hundredth time, types madly, squirms on the car seat, closes the phone. The sudden disappearing glow of it makes our little capsule even darker than before.

    We rocked and the stars
        were chips of ice. Her lungs cleared.
       One breath and one breath.

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April 17th, 2018, 2:50 pm #22

Billy's poem

Another Station 

A knee
is all I ask.
Two would be better

but a knee will do.
A floor.
It doesn't have to be marble.

Dirt will do.
A few rocks 
to grind a knee on

but that might be 
too much
to ask.

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April 18th, 2018, 10:04 pm #23

Thanks, Chris!  I'm honored with this nom and your "holy cow."
Here's my current revision, Toni.  :)  Thanks.

la femme sans abri      (the homeless woman)

      after Edward Hopper's Steps in Paris, 1906

in an end of life lucidity (or perhaps she could
see it was a fine day for most everyone living),
she cast off her coat, freed grubby gray braids
from a battered hat, ran to the top of the steps
shook her head then looked to the sky as if

to say life, any life, is a hell of a lot
more plentiful than I've ever realized. as if
to say take this park, these people, poor
and rich here on this grass, they share food,
talk, love each other, and the many dogs,
how they adore their masters, follow them,

sleep by their beds. as if to say, life speeds
over us with more than our sentience
and judgment can take in. as if to say consider
my little bag here; bread, cheese, a bit
of chocolate. and as always some kind soul

will allow her to sleep on their porch, warm
a shawl for her tonight. as if to say there is
far more to any experience or relationship
than we are able to grasp. we're all here now
for some larger reason, as if we need to be.