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Welcome to The Waters Poetry Workshop.
Our guidelines are simple. (NOTE: These guidelines do NOT apply to Sunset Beach)
1. Post poems as often as you want.
2. Indicate somewhere in your post if you are wanting Comments Only or if you are interested in something more.
3. Post comments on at least 3 other poems for each poem you post. This is a place where the poet is getting a 'feel' for their piece - comments can include the following:
a. how does the reader feel about the poem.
b. what does the reader like about the poem.
c. some suggestions and critique are welcome, although line by line indepth critique is not expected unless specifically requested by the poet.
It's ok to say the poem doesn't work for the reader, but this must be accompanied by an explanation or specific.
There will be no shredding, ripping, tearing or damaging. If the reader's feelings about a poem are extreme, best not to comment at all.
There will be no attacking the poet.
Plus, please do not reply negatively to the reader or the critique. Critters need to feel safe in expressing their thoughts and feelings about a poem, and know that they are not opening themselves up to attack.
4. Poets are expected to respond to a critique with 'thank you for your thoughts' type messages. This is not the place to argue a poem's merits, nor to argue with a critique. If you feel a critique goes beyond the scope of these guidelines, please PM one of the administrators.
5. Do not remove your poem before 2 weeks. Once you've posted your poem and it has received one or more comments, please do not remove the poem until 2 weeks from posting date have passed. Readers and critters take time to post their thoughts and comments. Removing the poem is disrespectful of this attention and time, and as well discourages true critique. The Waters Poetry Workshop is a workshop for critique as well as poetry - people need to be able to see the poem as well as the comments.
Note re submissions: The Waters is a poetry workshop and poems posted here are not considered 'previously published'. However, many poets prefer to remove their poem from The Waters when they have submitted it to magazines or contests, etc. If you feel the need to remove your poem because of this, please leave a note in place of the poem indicating your reason for removing the piece.
Thank you and have fun!
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