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Some of you might know poet Brent Fisk or remember him from the Gazebo (poetry workshop), where I met him years ago. He’s widely published, and recently was featured on a podcast called The Lit Fantastic, a program about poets and their obsessions (Brent’s is basketball). And he reads a couple of lovely poems. You can listen here. It’s Episode 9. (Or subscribe via iTunes or another podcatcher.) ... sode-list/

Once, on the Gazebo, I sort of apologized for using the moon in a poem. Brent said the moon is just a misdemeaner. I wrote a poem for him with the title "Misdemeanor," but later reworked it as a word poem for Eclectica.

Brent has published over 300 poems. Here are just a few.

You can hear him read this one, "Deer Season," on the podcast.
"Deer Season"
I Breathe Words ... rent-fisk/

“Anniversary” and “The Summer I Turned Ten”
Elke Journal ... brent-fisk

“A Sunday Poem”
Town Creek Poetry

Notes on how to stay in love”
Tipton Poetry Review


“June, sweet peas climbing the wires”
(Greta, Bob B, and I all had poems in this issue, too!)