37.1 Zipline

37.1 Zipline

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The unthinkingness of it is obvious in retrospect, a Just Do It born of cocktail camaraderie
and the next morning, we were handing over multicolored currency for the chance
to die one way or another.  Those green
forms that look like certificates of achievement? Waivers, pal. Our guides –
Pedro, Jorge, Andres, Miguel – lead and followed us up the mountain, over swinging
narrow bridges strung above hearse-sized boulders. Only Amy, a plump young
asthmatic, struggled more than I, got off the trail sooner, took the lower
lines. As in the eighteenth hour of labor, the ninth day of travel with a
couple that bickers ceaselessly, the third year of marriage when viscous
silence makes it impossible to breathe, the question how in the hell did I end up in this terrible mess echoes
inside each urgent gasp for more air, more air. And then we’re there, above the
trees, Lake Atitlan and Panajachel far below, all of us grinning, harnessed,
carabinered to a cable, heavy-gloved hands overhead, the extra-leathered right
palm ready to brake when the yellow flag flaps. A half mile in
90 seconds. Go to the edge and let go. It goes by at
life speed: beauty and amazement, terror and surrender.  

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strange how this could've ended up here.

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strange too that this ended up here but I am very glad that it is here! i love "it goes by at life speed" and the naming of the guides, and that vicious silence.