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  • Atlanta
    Atlanta is the capital city of the state of Georgia and was inhabited by half a million people before the outbreak. The metro Atlanta area is home to over 5.5 million people before the outbreak occurred.As the undead rose, the government and army advised people to seek the larger cities for protection but were unable to handle the situation. The army failed to hold the infected back and the streets are now covered with undead. Military checkpoints were overrun, vehicles burned or abandoned, people tried to flee the city using the freeways and highways however they became gridlocked and jammed leaving the vehicle occupants vulnerable to the infected. The Center for Disease Control building is also based in Atlanta and was trying to find a cure for the outbreak. When the cities became overrun and the military turned infected, the army had no choice but to begin bombarding the city with napalm bombs to destroy the infected. However, most of the city remains intact, just the streets of infected were targeted (which explains why when Rick Grimes entered the city, he saw several burned vehicles). With the cities overrun with the undead, it left the outskirts relatively safe until slowly the walkers began heading out to more rural areas.
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  • Atlanta Survivor Quarry
    The Atlanta Survivor Camp was a base camp established at a quarry just outside the city of Atlanta near Interstate 85. It plays a major location in Season 1 of The Walking Dead.
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  • Mert County
    Mert County, Georgia is a county created in 1776 (according to the police logo) and is located approximately just over 18 miles away from Hershel's Farm and is seen in the episode, 18 Miles Out of The Walking Dead (TV Series).
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  • Hershel's Farm
    Hershel's Farm refers to the farmland previously owned by Hershel Greene. It was seen between issues 10 to 14, and after a long intermission, it was seen again in issues 53 to 54. The Farm had a small, however significant role in the series. It was mentioned in the episode "Bloodletting" by Hershel that the farm had been in his family for over 160 years.
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  • Wiltshire Estates
    The Wilshire Estates were a community of houses that the Atlanta survivors found early on in their days on the road. Located several miles outside Atlanta, the suburban residential area was surrounded by a set of strong walls and a metal gate. Three days after the zombie outbreak, Philip Blake's group (the governor) stayed here briefly on the way to Atlanta, they left after one of their group members are killed. Weeks later, Ricks group initially want to settle in this housing settlement but the next day the group is overrun by the undead and they must flee.The residential district also appeared in The Walking Dead (TV Series) where both Shane and Andrea go and search the estates for Sophia in the episode, Secrets.
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  • King County
    King County, Georgia is the hometown of the TV series Rick Grimes and his family. The hospital where Rick stayed at while he was in a coma is located in this town, along with the police station, King County Sheriff's Department where he and his partner, Shane Walsh worked.
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  • Fort Benning
    Fort Benning is a U.S. Army base 125 miles away from the city of Atlanta in Georgia. It is first mentioned by Shane to Rick and the other survivors that the base is a better choice over the CDC for shelter in the episode Wildfire. However, the survivors chose to first go to the CDC but after finding a "dead end" there, the survivors decided to head towards Fort Benning Military Base.According to Tony, Fort Benning is overrun by "lame-brains" (Zombies) but this may not be true after finding out that Dave and Tony were not trustworthy.

  • The Prison
    "The Prison", located at West Central Prison, Georgia, is a location the majority of the main cast of characters settle themselves in, and most of the character and continuity's story-arc's were formed. It was also the longest lasting location the survivors remained in, for seven months, beginning with their arrival in Issue 13, right up to the climactic and tragic destruction by The Governor and his Woodbury Army in Issue 48.The Prison will be the central location in Season 3 of The Walking Dead (TV Series).

  • The Roads
    The Roads seem like a must for travel in the apocalypse. The roads in and around the city of Atlanta are well used by the survivors and raiders of it's surrounding areas.
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  • Flashbacks
    Sometimes it is important to include character flashback, to build your character's history with other members on the board. As with all the other RPing forums, the same rules apply here.
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