Atlanta is the capital city of the state of Georgia and was inhabited by half a million people before the outbreak. The metro Atlanta area is home to over 5.5 million people before the outbreak occurred.As the undead rose, the government and army advised people to seek the larger cities for protection but were unable to handle the situation. The army failed to hold the infected back and the streets are now covered with undead. Military checkpoints were overrun, vehicles burned or abandoned, people tried to flee the city using the freeways and highways however they became gridlocked and jammed leaving the vehicle occupants vulnerable to the infected. The Center for Disease Control building is also based in Atlanta and was trying to find a cure for the outbreak. When the cities became overrun and the military turned infected, the army had no choice but to begin bombarding the city with napalm bombs to destroy the infected. However, most of the city remains intact, just the streets of infected were targeted (which explains why when Rick Grimes entered the city, he saw several burned vehicles). With the cities overrun with the undead, it left the outskirts relatively safe until slowly the walkers began heading out to more rural areas.

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