Wedding Announcement #286

Check back here regularly to see
if your marriage has been arranged.

Wedding Announcement #286

Mrs Right
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Mrs Right
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Oct 2 2016, 02:09 AM #1

Evan Tiago & Rosabela Darling
Freddie Moon & Thaleia Galloway
Maddox Noles & Nicole Morgan

You will receive, via mail, the name, phone number, and email
address of the person to whom you have been matched. Please
make your way to the Chapel no later than a week after
this announcement. Don't forget to start plotting with your new
spouse as to what direction your new future together may hold.

A new house in the suburbs will be made available to you shortly
unless you wish to arrange more 'luxurious' accommodation at your
own expense.

From The Vow, Inc. we wish you all the best in your
happily ever after!