Sun in the Sky

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Roxy Bennett
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November 13th, 2016 2PM

She was happy for the quiet morning, the sleepy weekend with no pressing concerns that she needed to attend to. Grateful she was for the lazy Sunday afternoon, the sun high in the sky, the warmth it provided on this late fall day. And she had every intention of taking full advantage of it all. With a deep sigh, the young blonde peered out the window of her car, watching the trees pass by as she drove, the colored leaves littering the street as she drove on. The park wasn’t far, she could have easily walked on her own and spent most of the evening strolling down the pathways, listening to whatever lyrics came through her head phones, but she had other things in mind.

Barely had she got to the end on the street when there was a thump to the back of her seat, her son impatiently kicking behind her, trying his best to behave but itching to run around in the fresh air. Roxy chided him of course, though with a soft tone and a motherly grin on her face. They didn’t get out of the house very much but she had promised Cooper that they would go to the park this weekend, and as most mothers, she was good to her word.

They had all piled into the car, leaving the dog behind much to her daughter’s dismay, and with a lot of persistence. If there was one thing Hayden needed at all times, it was her puppy. Like most toddlers had a special toy or blanket that made them feel comfortable, for her little girl it was the family dog. Unfortunately the one hundred and thirty pound Great Dane could not accompany then everywhere they went, which normal left the little girl tearful and stressed. Roxy had come to find that Hayden was much more clingy, shy, and uncomfortable in social situations when compared to her son, no doubt picking up on her own mother’s emotions. But Roxy liked to think with each trip out their front door, it showed her daughter that life outside their household walls was not as bad she thought it was.

It didn’t take long for the little family to make themselves comfortable in the public space, the single mother finding it nice that there weren’t a lot of people around. She still was just a little tense about being out around then town, fearful of judgement by her fellow Evergreen neighbors who knew what all she had endured. She was a strong woman, a strong mother, but somehow thinking everyone she ran into was giving her those judging looks really unraveled her confidence. Cooper was chasing a soccer ball around in a nearby grassy area while she pushed her daughter on a set of swings. Somehow she wished life could be so simple and carefree as her children’s were, playing in the sunshine without a care in the world.

Hayden squealed loudly with a wide toothy grin on her face, unruly blonde locks blown all over by the breeze as she swung back and forth high in the air. Roxy couldn’t help the peaceful look on her face, for once at ease and not worried about the past or all the things she needed to care for about the future. That was until she was her son take a tumble head over heels, tripping over the soccer ball and somersaulting through the grass.

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