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This list will be added to from time to time as new questions arise.
Please check back regularly.
Q. Do I have to get married?
A. Technically yes, it is encouraged. Not everyone will be marriage material, there will be those that are defiant of the general 'norm' and those that are left single through circumstance (as in widowed or divorced), through choice(*), or no fault of their own. If you choose not to marry again you may reside amidst the general populous and not have to wait to be suitably paired. But unlike matrimonial candidates you will not receive the same generous perks and will have to find your own residence to live in - and what's more troubling, your own life partner should you choose.

(* Characters can be married before moving here if they wish. You MUST discuss this with staff before you register and even then it may not be guaranteed. The purpose is to be paired up with no choice on your part).

Q. What does The Vow, Inc. do?
A. Simply put The Vow, Inc. is a matchmaking service that has taken the guesswork out of finding your 'soul-mate.' By registering it is assumed you have agreed to the terms and conditions of The Vow, Inc (the board rules) and have paid a hefty fee for their services. Generally speaking you are paying for the privilege of marriage and therefore bypassing the awkwardness the expense and the tediousness of the dating game.

Q. Do I get a say in who I marry?
A. No. The nature of this service means you forfeit all right to choose, entrusting we, The Vow, Inc, have determined the best possible partner for you - it's what you pay us for! Sit back and enjoy it! (And no, you don't get a refund)

This means that while you are in the pools you can date or sleep with whomever you want but you cannot become engaged or married to someone else.

Q. Can my character give the company extra money to guarantee their chosen spouse meets all their specifications?
A. Yes they can give extra money, no this doesn't guarantee anything. Bribes in the real world don't always work and this may backfire in you getting a spouse that is completely the opposite of what you wanted.

Q. If I don't agree with my chosen spouse, can I get divorced?
A. Technically yes, but in Evergreen, where much of the general population had experienced the benefits of The Vow, Inc's services, divorce is still something of a social stigma. We will assume if you're not happy it is your fault and has nothing to do with our system, therefore it is up to you to fix whatever issues you seem to have with your partner. There are lawyers in town to help you sort it out but bear in mind divorces can be a long and costly affair, especially with shared assets and kids involved. This is reality, don't expect to be married one day and divorced the next. Remember, marriage is not a game, especially here in Evergreen. Marriage is a sacred and legally binding constitution - til death do you part!

Q. Does the Vow match same gender couples ie. provide for gay marriage?
A. Because Evergreen is a small conservative town, The Vow does not match same sex couples. Evergreen is founded on "family values" meaning conservative principals. At one time, your character would find it in their best interest to keep in the closet in a place like this. However, with the legalization of same sex marriage nationwide, we will be accepting engaged and married same sex couples! Yay!

Q. My friend and I want to play a couple, can we ask you to match us?
A. No. However you can make the couple be either already married without using The Vow services or a previously matched couple. If you elect for them to enter the bride or groom's pool then they may not be matched.

Q. Do I get to at least meet them before I say I do?
A. What you do is up to you. The minute you see your name in the Wedding Announcements section, assume your character has just been contacted by The Vow, Inc., either via post, an email, a phone call, whatever works for you. All you are given is the name of the person you are to wed, your assigned wedding date, and contact information such as phone number. You know little to nothing about them unless you meet before hand. Again, meeting is optional. Liking them isn't an option. Marrying them is mandatory. It's what you signed up for.

Q. How long does the character know about their upcoming marriage?
A. This depends on you the member. Once you have been accepted you are allowed to start posting anywhere you wish on the forum. When you see your name come up in Wedding announcements you should contact your potential spouse and confer as to whether you wish to 'meet' in thread first or just skip straight to the chapel and get married. If you RP a meeting then you can date it anytime before the ceremony is dated to take place. It has been created so that you generally have a few days to meet your new husband/wife before you actually start a new life together. Whether you do that or just jump straight to the wedding is all up to you.

Q. Do my spouse and I have to do a wedding thread?
A. No. If you and your spouse don't want to thread out the wedding, you can just PM a staff member with the characters' names, whether the wife will be taking her husband's surname or not, the wedding date, and whether they'll be living in the suburbs or the Hills.

Q. When are matches posted?
A. Matches are done every Saturday unless there are no brides/grooms available or for any other unforeseen circumstance. Activity checks may also delay any matches while they are in progress. If matches are delayed, a reason will be given in the News and Announcements section.

Q. Does the wife have to take the husband's surname?
A. That is up to you. It depends on what you arrange with your new partner. Collaborate with them and see what you can agree on, either in thread or outside of it. There's no right or wrong here; some couples will choose to be more traditional than others. Unless you contact a member of staff, we will automatically assign you the husband's surname when we give you your house. (That means your character will have their name changed to your spouse's surname, you will be notified when this happens)

Q. What if my spouse dies/goes missing suddenly/is no longer active?
A. Then we strongly recommend you resign up to the program where we will find you a new spouse free of charge. It's the least we can do to ensure our members have their happily ever after. If you suspect your chosen spouse has left the site PM a member of staff and we will find you another partner as soon as possible.

Q. What if my future spouse doesn't even make it to the wedding?
A. If you have been arranged to marry a member who is inactive or hasn't posted a notification in the away thread, then you have the option of posting a standalone of being ditched at the altar or simply resigning with us to be assigned a new spouse - one that sticks around for the 'I Do.' Simply get in touch with a member of staff and we will arrange a new wedding for you at our expense.

Q. Do I need a reason to get married or can anyone do it?
A. Providing you are of consenting age we will accept all people of all races, socioeconomic backgrounds and religious beliefs. Our only real rule is that once you enter into a contract with The Vow, Inc. it is for LIFE (unless you or your partner dies, of course). Why you choose to utilize our services is up to you. Whether you want to take the guesswork out of it, you feel like you're getting too old to wait, you need a spouse to obtain citizenship or a job promotion, you need to continue on the gene pool or your parents signed you up at birth etc - the reasons why are completely up to you. Joining is optional. Your commitment is mandatory.

Q. What if I change my mind/my spouse is abusive/unfaithful/not who I pictured I'd end up with/good parent material etc?
A. Short answer - deal with it. Marriage isn't a game. You don't quit when things get tough. There are resources to help you, your friends, family, the church to turn to should you need guidance. But at the end of the day that is the risk you take. Sometimes even we get it wrong.

Q. Who pays for the wedding?
A. Your basic nuptials and reception are held at the chapel and are paid using a percentage of your initial registration fees. Should you feel a more lavish wedding appropriate it is up to you to contribute to foot the bill. This is your big day. Make of it what you will.

Please note, the basics cover a basic black suit for the grooms and a basic white/cream dress for the brides. The rings you supply yourself, as well as further decorations should you feel them necessary in the chapel and/or reception. The cost of food at reception is covered by the company but again if you want a lavish cake order one the day your wedding is announced or expect disappointment. We can also provide paid 'actors' (The Vow, Inc. staff) as stand-ins for your bridal party if you cannot/do not wish to arrange your own at no extra cost.

Also note that if you wish for your family/friends/loved ones etc attendance YOU the clients pay the cost, not The Vow, Inc. We cater for a small group of no more than twenty (20) people per ceremony. The average wedding ceremony and reception together is 4 to 5 hours in total by which you are married, certified, photographed and fed then sent off to start your new life in your new home. All-day weddings or receptions are NOT catered for unless prior arrangements are made with a member of staff. Should you need further clarification please contact a member of staff and we will tend your concerns, thanks =)

Q. Don't we get a honeymoon?
A. Simply put; no. We at The Vow, Inc. like to think of ourselves as being more practically minded. We provide you with the basics to get every couple on their feet; if you want to fly to Hawaii for three weeks that's up to you and your new spouse. The cost is up to you both too. What we do provide in lieu of a trip is a gift basket with your new home containing a few essentials you'll need for the first few days of your new life together. Exactly what is in it we will leave to your discretion, but use commonsense please. There's even a bottle of champagne and chocolates for that special night. What more could you ask for really - we've given you the greatest gift of all! Each other!

Q. So how do I go about getting a house?
A. Once you are officially married (and have completed a wedding thread) PM a member of staff and one will be 'created' for you in the residences subforum. The house is yours (and your new spouse). You own it so long as you stay married. If you divorce the house is taken back and you go back to the apartments to wait for another spouse and start all over again. Since divorces are rare though you probably won't be leaving in any hurry.

Q. What if I'm single and not getting married?
A. You PM a member of staff who will assign you a house (if you have 3+ singles) or you can post in the apartments in the residences subforum. You obviously don't have to wait to have a wedding or meet a spouse. Once you register contact us and we will create a place for you. You are free to start posting anywhere as soon as you are accepted. Married members do not pay rent on their houses as they are part of the wedding 'package,' singles DO pay rent as a penalty.

Q. Do I get a choice where I live?
A. No. There are 2 'neighborhoods' in Evergreen, one (which is for the general populous) is known as the suburbs. The other (for the well to do) is known as The Hills. Where you live is determined by you or your spouse's income. If you are a poor dirt farmer you will never live in The Hills unless you marry someone rich and you are not given a choice on who you marry; it's all the luck of the draw really.

Q. Why is my single character not assign their own apartment?
A. Getting assigned your own residence sub forum is a privilege that only married couples will receive in either The Suburbs or The Hills. This is to encourage the notion of marriage in a town that is well... all about marriage. If three or more singles would like to rent a house in the suburbs then they may PM a member of staff.

Q. What about the town itself?
A. Evergreen is a community consisting essentially of The Vow, Inc. clientele. It is a place where kids still ride bikes unsupervised on streets, where the lawns are green and perfect, where the menfolk still huddle over grills and women tend to their homes and offspring. It is a place where appearance is everything. It is a town based around the harmony of marriage and family. Not only are you provided with a life partner, a house and new life we've given you the perfect little town to establish your happily ever after in as well! What more could you ask for?

Evergreen was founded in the 1830's by settlers. The Vow Inc. opened it's doors January 1st 1980. By the 90's The Vow had bought the entire town of Evergreen (which had been under collapse due to a recession that many small towns in America suffered) and brought with it a population and economic boom.

Q. Anything else I should know?
A. The Vow, Inc will also set you up in basic suburban housing as part of your matrimonial agreement. If you wish to live a more luxurious life this is again up to you but it is a cost you incur yourself; we at The Vow, Inc are not liable for anything beyond the basic necessities you need to start your new life together. You supply your own goods, your clothes, your furniture, your car. We pay for the wedding, the certification and the house. What you do after that is up to you. It's your future. Make of it what you will. You have forever ahead of you now.

And one last [important] thing:
Notify staff immediately when:
~ You (and your partner) have completed your wedding thread (this is so we can change the wife's surname if needed and create you a house either in the suburbs or in The Hills at our discretion).

~ Your partner does not reply to your wedding thread/does not show up at the altar within 3 real life days/72 hours.