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  • a. Please register your character with a first and last name with proper capitalization. For example: "James Kirk”.

    b. You must be at least 18 to register a character.

    c. Your character must be 18 or older.

    If you make a mistake, please PM a staff member and we’ll be happy to help fix it!</li>
  • a. Be courteous to your fellow RPers, and remember that anyone can read what you say in the cbox. Try to avoid potentially conflict-causing behavior such as: ignoring threads, engaging in OOC drama, and soliciting threads with mass PMs.

    b.. If your spouse has not posted in at least 5 days and you'd like to be re-matched please post in MISSING PERSONS. Members that have not posted in four (4) weeks will get a warning before they will be deleted. We reserve the right to delete accounts that have been inactive for more than that without away messages, but you will get plenty of warning.

    c. The cbox is for quick and instant communication only. NO ADVERTISING. There's a forum for that!

    d. If you see something wrong on the board or have an issue with anything please PM the admins. We are like the police--when cruising around we might see something and intervene, but the Vow is a big board. There's a good chance we might miss something, and unless we are called, the problem might go unresolved. We want everyone to be happy as possible!</li>
  • a. In terms of post length, try to match what your RPing partner gives you--if not in quantity then certainly in quality. Remember this is an intermediate/advanced site. The average post is about 300 to 400 words. The only places that should have posts that are less than 200 are areas like communications.

    b. Start each new thread with a date and time stamp to let us know when your thread takes place.

    c. This is a mature, R rated board, we all know things can get a little heated or hairy. When posting anything with adult content in it, whether it be sexual, violent, contains drug use, or excessive strong language, be sure to add an [M] in the topic description.

    d. Do NOT GODMOD, which is common sense given that this is an intermediate to advanced site. Just in case, that means do not control another character without their express permission. While most know what this entails, just keep in mind that if in doubt, ask your site spouse/person you are threading with.

    e. While you are waiting to be matched to your future spouse, you are encouraged to post and plot as a single person around town.

    f. Timelines are fluid but please keep it to 2 months forward of current date to two months back. Use the AU Future/Past boards if going farther than that.</li>
  • a. In order to enter the bride or groom pools, all you need to do is complete the short mandatory application and post into the Who’s Who and Face Claim, and you are ready to be married off (at The Vow's discretion of course). Matches will be announced on Saturday evenings no later than 8 p.m. PST. In the event that more than one person applies for the same face claim, preference will go to the person who claims the PB first!

    b. All character applications must be fully completed within 24 hours or you will receive a warning; then, if still not completed, your character will be deleted and your application archived, and you will have to start again.</li>
  • a. For every two girl characters you make please make one male character. Due to the genre, we generally do have more brides than grooms as it is, this way matches can continue happening!

    b. While you are not restricted with your choice of PB, we do have a setting established. Evergreen is a very small, conservative town, and characters who lead alternative lifestyles may find it harder to interact with other characters. That said, we encourage all creativity, as long as you take the setting (and any ramifications it may have on your character) into account! Also, remember that PBs must be at least 18 years of age. Please see the face claim forum for more details. No character under the age of 18 is permitted on the site as playable and, obviously, cannot be matched/married.

    c. There is no permanent limit on how many characters you can have; you can make as many as you can handle, as long as you keep them within the gender ratio. However, the staff reserves the right to deny new characters if we feel that you are not keeping up well with the characters you have now.</li>
  • a. Matches will be posted HERE on Saturday evenings by 8 p.m. PST, give or take a few hours. You will also receive a PM notifying you that your character has been matched!

    b. Because matches are chosen by the staff, you may not be matched to your ideal bride or groom. Don’t be disappointed! Remember that the surprise is part of the board experience, and while we as staff try hard to ensure that every match has the potential for a happy ending, we will at least try to ensure that your match is someone with whom there are potential plots. Please don’t leave your match high and dry by not posting, just because they are not what you wanted.

    c. If you are reported missing, a PM will be sent to your account. You have 48 hours to get in contact with the player and Mrs Right. If you do not you will be placed in the missing group. Five (5) days later you will lose all your claims (face/job etc.). One (1) week after that, your account will be deleted.

    d. While in the pools you CANNOT get engaged/married to another character. The point of the site is to not choose who you end up with; this defeats the point/theme of the site.

    e. If your character and their match absolutely cannot work as a couple, you may ask to have the match dissolved, but only after completing a full thread, featuring interaction between the two characters, that demonstrates their incompatibility.</li>
  • a. Signatures should be a maximum of 500w x 200h

    b. Avatars should be a maximum 150w x 200h

    c. No animated gifs for avatars or signatures.

    d. No exceptions to the above requirements. Graphics that do not meet these three rules will be deleted.</li>
  • a. If going away for longer than a week, please address a reason for your characters absence so that spouses or other characters aren’t left in a lurch in your away thread.</li>
If you have any questions pm an admin. We don't bite, really! (Unless you like that kind of thing. ;D)

Happy RP'ing!