Nancy Zane

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Nancy Zane

Erin Zane
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Name: Nancy Elizabeth Zane
Birthday: July 3rd 2006
Age: 10
Play-by: Madeleine McGraw

Basic Personality: Nancy is one of the sweetest girls that you will ever happen to meet. She loves to make sure that others are happy. Her favorite thing to do is play on the playground with her Aunt Erin or play on the piano. She is a big fan of theatre and science (definitely an aftermath of being around her Aunt), and any animal she happens to meet.

Basic History: Nancy was born shortly after her mother had been sober for an entire year, which was probably due to her existence in the first place. As a baby, she was living with her mother and grandmother, until her mother relapsed into her addiction when she was only 8 months old. Her grandmother didn’t want to really be bothered with another baby, so her aunt Erin took her in until they could determine who her father was. Once it was discovered that her father was a former addict himself named Travis Handler, who had turned his life around. Now She is living in New York with her father for most of the year, but spends her Christmas and some summer with her aunt Erin which is where she definitely prefers.

Super Important Facts or History Points:
*Is super close to her Aunt Erin but spends a majority of her time in New York City with her Dad (Sometimes her mother)
*Doesn’t know that her mother is an addict, and usually refers to Erin as her mother.
*Is a bit of a tomboy but mostly super girly.
*When it comes to dogs SHE LOVES THEM ALL

Relations to Other Current Characters:
Erin Zane – Aunt
Hale Wesley – Future Uncle
Patricia Zane- Mother (NPC)
Travis Handler – Father (NPC)
Adoptable?: She’s way too young for that!

Player: Sarah Jean
Contact: For Playdates and the like, PM Erin!