Thomas Whelan
Thomas Whelan

1:24 AM - Jul 28, 2014 #46

Well it was a good thing there wasn’t actually anything about fucking pineapples in the movie or otherwise Jesse might wonder just what kind of a person Thomas was, to stock his admittedly sparse movie collection with films that involved such fine points of dialogue as ‘go fuck yourself with a pineapple’. Then again, a lot of the films he did own were fairly strange art house pieces so perhaps this one wasn’t really much better. Art house films and action movies being the primary components in his DVD collection as the former often was too complicated to be helped much by the dialogue anyways and the latter was almost always simple enough, plot-wise, that he didn’t need to hear anything to follow along. Running around, explosions and people getting shot were pretty much universal in every language.

Thomas really wanted to keep watching the movie and possibly making out with Jesse some more but the further the film progressed, the heavier he found his eyelids growing. Definitely a sign that it had been good sex, that he was left so tired, it was nearly impossible for him to stay awake. It did mean that he’d have to work on his stamina though, because if they were going to be having sex again, Thomas didn’t want to be falling asleep immediately afterwards every time like some doddering old man who needed a nap every forty-five minutes or so.

But in the house, curled up in front of the television with Jesse, a lot of those thoughts began to fall by the wayside. For the first time in a long time since Lilah had left, Thomas felt happy and he knew that however large or small, Jesse had had some part in that. Before he could dwell on it too much more though, Thomas felt his eyes slip shut one more time and arm still wrapped firmly around Jesse’s shoulders, almost unaware the other man was using him as a pillow, he fell asleep too, lights from the television screen still casting flickering shadows over both their faces.