Kimber Burgess

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Kimber Burgess

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Name: Kimber Lee Burgess
Date of Birth: September 28 1986
Place of Birth: Suzhou China
Age: 30
Occupation: Evergreen Elementary 5th Grade Teacher
Playby: Yang Ying (Angelababy)

Height: 5'6
Weight: 103
Hair Color: Ebony
Eye Color: Brown

Turn ons:
Dark Hair
Family Oriented
Sense of humor

Turn offs:
Dislikes kids
Emotionally closed off

not making my future husband happy.
losing my job as a teacher.
not having children of my own.

Have a good size family.
Write and publish a book.
Grow old with my husband.

What are your favorites?

Book: Eyes of a Child by Richard North Patterson
Movie: Central Intelligence
Color: Silver
Tv Show: Person of Interest
Flower: Lotus
Music: Alternative/Classic Rock
Food: Home cooked
Dessert: Molten chocolate lava cake
Spending time in the kitchen learning my mothers home-made recipes with her before she passed. When I'm not teaching my youngsters at school, I'm usually making different types of crafts, or in the kitchen trying out new recipes or creating my own.

Why are you using The Vow?
I'm engaged to Kale Aggaron.

Do you want children?

What is your secret?
I was a mail order bride. It's embarrassing now that I think about it.

Kimber has become a lot more sociable since she came to live in the United States, she has gone though tough obstacles one of which was learning the English language. Kimber didn't want to have any language barriers getting in the way of life. Her amiable disposition makes it easy for Kimber to make friends, and even acquaintances. While at gatherings, she often finds herself falling back into cultural habits, and where women were quiet and resereved. She means no disrespect. Working with children who run into problems daily, Kimber enjoys helping them come up with a solution to them. Besides it does make for great practice hopefully when she becomes a mom someday.

The woman is known for putting the welfare of others before herself, and is always looking out for people's best interest. Some say she's motherly like and gentle natured, a trait she picked up from her mother. Not to mention the temper that the woman had. Though it takes a lot to get her to that point. She enjoys traveling the world, being out and about with friends, going to social gatherings. Kimber is an affectionate person, and hopes that her future husband doesn't mind it. In her down time, Kimber welcomes the peace and quiet environment of home. Being able to sit back in pajamas reading a good book, or in the kitchen whipping up a new recipe here or there. It doesn't take much to please Kimber and keep her happy, she's simple minded.


For Kimber, growing up having been left an orphan on the steps of the Suzhou Children's Welfare Institute, an orphanage that had already reached it's limit with children looking for their forever home. Had it not been for her infancy at the time, it would have been much harder for her to have been adopted. Luckily two kind loving people walked in and wanted her. Guotin Liang was a well known and wealthy architect, and his wife Lijuan worked as a junior secondary school teacher. There was also hardship, where Kimber's life was split into two parts; school and weekends with her parents.

Then at twelve she lost her mother to heart failure which was common in asian women, and it had left her father having to fill both roles which was difficult for him. Kimber discovered her love for teaching when she was sixteen, and involved with the volunteer tutoring program to assist students who struggled.

Two months after Kimber graduated and returned home to live with her father, she learned that he had remarried through an international marriage agency. Things didn't quite settle well for Kimber in that aspect, but later became a mail order bride herself on the advice of her father. At nineteen, Kimber married Airforce Ssgt. Michael Burgess and had been with him eight years before he was KIA. She just recently moved to Evergreen after two years of mourning, in hopes to be given a second chance at love and was matched to Kale Aggaron.

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