Greetings from Evergreen!

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Now Evergreen is a fictional town but it is based loosely on small cities found around Indiana. To help you guys out to judge just how big it is, here is a break down of towns similar to Evergreen. It is about an hour away from Indianapolis, Indiana, the closest major city.

Main street has two lanes of traffic in each direction and is the main drag in town where almost everything is located on. This is a example of what Main St. resembles;

Two main roads merge into Main St. right outside of town. Right before Main St. is the road that will take someone up to The Hills. Before you leave town is the road to the suburbs where most of the population resides. The road that goes past Walmart connects to the highway (30 minute drive from Main St.) and the othe road will take you out to the woods and William's Point. Here's a simple layout just for logistics reasons. Everything is mostly within walking distance except William's Point, Walmart, and the highway (but it's a very long walk between the Suburbs and the Hills).

Evergreen has four distinct seasons like most midwest states. Summers are hot and humid with pleasant springs and autumn. Winters are chilly to below freezing with 27 inches of snowfall on average. The first snowfall is around mid November and the last is the end of March beginning of April. Tornado season happens in the late spring and early summer ending in July.

Evergreen has a general population just under 10,000. Obviously this isn't a big city. The racial make-up of Evergreen is like most other small towns in Indiana with 95% caucasian, 3% hispanic/latino, 0.5% black, 0.5% asian, and 1% described as other races or mixed race.

The suburbs are in cookie-cutter style. The houses are practically the same. In The Hills, the style is more relaxed, and of course, expensive.

This is your new home! Welcome to Evergreen!